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How to Fix Canon Printer Carriage Jam Issue

In the event that you are a Canon Printer client, at that point it is only conceivable that you cause a few undesirable mistakes into it. Group Printer Carriage Jam issue is such a troublesome blunder, at that point you clean up when you know the best method for settling it. With the correct advances, you can undoubtedly get out the issues in a brief time.

Unlike other printing apparatus, Canon support code b203 its existence within the minds of workplace in addition to home use. It matches the image of an perfect printing apparatus and provides out glossy and crisp printouts at a go. However, it is also possible to get issues associated with qualityink cartridges, ink cartridges and at times paper sticks.

However, you have to understand that if a few Paper jams problem is got into the machine, then it can on occasion lead into the carriage jams, largely after you publish onto the thicker paper. It occurs due to the problem the actuator arm is trapped, which is preventing the knob and do not let it move.


If You Would like to solve such a Issue, you need to follow the steps as indicated under:

1. You want to unplug the power cable out of the unit and start the cover to     disclose that the carriage assembly.

2. And after that, squeeze the 2 levers under the paper together for taking away the tray.

3. Then, you simply need to slip the carriage assembly in the left side of the printer to the center where you can get it readily.

4. When the carriage assembly does not slide, it is possible to proceed to another step.

5. Then, push the big black bar which may be viewed over the rollers, then you  have to launch it so it springs back up.

6. If it does, only forward it to another step.

Now, start looking for the horizontal black part seen beneath the pliers from the tray compartment. You may see some flat-lying element that’s parallel with the bottom of this printer. When it’s pointing upwards, simply push it down.
Today, you want to slip the carriage assembly towards the right and place all of the components in a correct method.

Subsequently, lift the actuator arm, which can be located right over the gray or white equipment assembly in the left side of this printer. After you lift and launch it, you ought to have to renew it into the appropriate position.
And today, you need to place the paper back in the gadget. After the cover of the printer stays open, plug in the power cable and then turn the printer .

In case you have any technical problem post Submission, you need to ask the technician experts at Canon Printer Contact Phone Number  or may visit on askanyquery. The technical support offered by them is much superior than some other technical support.


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