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Timbler Bring Out Yeti, Cups, Compost & Wine Photo Memories

Do you know about Timbler? Well, if you do not know about Timbler yet, then discover about Timbler from this Article itself.

It is an online platform that specializes in design making and printing of photos using an API Connection to the User’s Facebook account and digs through the memories of events that the Person posted throughout the years. Through the collection of those memories, you can also count on the things and the events that you missed out on and want them now as Wall Art at your home.

So basically what is the work of Timbler?

With the help of Timbler, you can have a completely customized wall art based on your choice and the selection that you will do after you have completed seeing all those memories that you posted on your Facebook Wall throughout the years. Using Timbler, you can have these wall arts in a very easy way.

How Much Time Does Timbler Take To Bring Out These Photo Memories?

Well, since nowadays AI is the most advanced technology it just takes some seconds for Timbler to dig out all the memories that you have on Facebook. Therefore when all the memories come out, Timbler arranges them in the form of a Photo Book.

After that, it’s your choice to print them in the form of a Photo Frame or any Wall Hanging for yourself or anyone to whom you can gift this. And the fact is that Timbler makes it easier for you to do this work because you won’t need to drill anything to hang it.

Based On People’s Demand

Although now it is the Digital Age, everyone is dependent on the online mode and Internet has become a necessity, still, people want to print their loveable memories instead of keeping them on the computer or a mobile device.

The most preferable way that people choose is by printing them in the form of a Photo Frame or a Wall Hanging.

You can gift them to your Favourite person or keep one for yourself too.

Yes, there are several Stores, both in online mode and in offline mode also, but in this article, I want to cover Timbler which is a very genuine Online Platform to rely on for this purpose.

Services That Timbler Provides?

Timbler has different services of printing, and it’s very easy to choose from them about the one that will be suitable for you.

I will share with you the details about how to order their services, how can you get them, how to order your personalized choices and how can they deliver you to your door.

Timbler has some designs of their own. You have to choose from them and know the perfect one. 

Reason For Using Timbler

Firstly , if you are using Timbler to bring out all the memories in your Facebook Timeline, then let me tell you that it is going to be very simple. Since Timbler uses an API connection, it is very easy to do so.

Timbler will gather all the precious memories into a Photo Book, and with one click, you will be able to print them.

America is using this method, and about 40% of their residents have shared a review that they have ordered and successfully had their photos printed, and there is a very good chance that if you want to gift anyone, they will love this too.

 So, order your customized photo frame now!

Suppose you are looking for a unique idea of giving someone a gift of the memories you had together. Then Timbler is the best place to go for!

This will make your wall look elegant, and will also light up the memories that you had with your friends or your family. And as I said that there are a variety of options to choose from, so what are you waiting for?

What Exactly Is Timbler?

Timbler is one of the leading platforms which specializes in online printing of photos in high quality with which you will design your wall.

Timber not only delivers you their services online, but if you order it, they will bring it to your door within a few days.

You can check out their website for all details about how you can order, what are the services available, and the like.

How Do They Perform Their Work?

The platform of Timbler uses printing and design to enhance the minds of many. You can keep them as memories for yourself or your loved ones.

What do you have to do? You have to choose a photo and select the size and the style of the frame that you desire and then use this platform to perform the design of your wall art.

You can also have a view of the order that you have made before confirming it and within 10 days, the customized art will reach your place.

What To Do If I Am Not Satisfied With The Order I Have Made?

Timbler understands and respects their Customer’s sentiments. It can sometimes happen that the customer has made a purchase, but when the order has reached him/her in reality, he/she is not feeling right about that purchase.

In that case, Timbler can promise you a money-back guarantee. You can get back the money if you don’t like your purchase.

So, if you are ordering at Timbler, be confident. Timbler always cares about their Customer’s satisfaction. But if in case you are not satisfied, they can take back your purchase and refund your money.

What Is The Shipping Charge That Timbler Charges For Their Products?

The best part about  Timbler and here’s another reason why you should choose Timbler over other options is that Timbler facilitates free shipping for all orders once it is over 35$.

If you order 1 print or a dozen, you don’t have to ponder over the shipping charge. Because that will be free.

Most of the Online Platforms charge for shipping, but for Timbler it is different.

Timbler sees to this fact that you can order something affordable and easy.

Not Sure About What You Want?

It might be the case that you have not decided which design you will choose. You just want something unique but you have not decided anything.

In that case, Timbler is there to guide you. There are a lot of pre-designed templates from which you can choose so that your print looks great.

 You can compare different designs from the website itself and choose from them.  You can have this Platform ready for you to make it easy.

What To Do If I Need Help?

If you have any questions while ordering your purchase or about the design that you are thinking of, then you can reach out to the Timbler Customer Service, as they are readily available and they will be there to help you out.

You can place your questions and get the answers so that you don’t have any doubt about their services.

Choosing Of The Appropriate Framing Style- The Timbler Framing Style

After you have decided about the photo that you want at your house or for your loved one, then it’s the frame style that you have to decide.

As I have already said that you can choose from the sizes and the frames that are displayed on the website, you can decide which will be the best fit for you.

Choose wisely.  Choose the frame which will attract you more and will be appropriate as per the images that you have chosen. It should also match the color of your wall. There are a lot of critereas.

The Timbler Print That They Offer

After you have chosen the appropriate framing style, it’s time that you have to choose from the designs of the print that you will take.

As the whole work will be personalized, you will be able to select your print with borders and some texts if needed.

Here you can also choose from certain timbler templates.

The Concluding Lines

Are you now ready to use the Timbler Designs?

Then go over to the official website of Timbler and start creating some awesome artworks for your loved ones.  And as it is said, if you are not happy with your purchase, then Timbler assures Money back guarantee.

You can also reach out to their customer service at any time.

Using the Timbler Print, you will be able to create some everlasting memories that you want with you. It will also add some amazing flair to your Home Décor. So start ordering today itself!

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