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Why is my Internet access blocked by BullGuard?

The Internet has now become one of the important parts of our professional or personal lives. As Internet is resolution for everything like online shopping, online payment and others similar. But if you are into something critical and the Internet Access is blocked then, it will be a big issue. It might be from the BullGuard’s end and you can deal with this issue immediately. Let’s move ahead with the Internet access blocked by BullGuard fixings.

What does happen when Internet Access is blocked?

There will be two scenarios:

  1. When you use your mouse pointer to the Wi-Fi sign then, an error message appears on the screen. This message says “No Internet Access”, “Connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet”. This error message means there is some error from the router/modem connection. In such a case, it is advisable to find the error message before moving ahead with the solution.
  2. In this scenario, you will see the error message “Internet Access is blocked”, “Internet Access Denied”. And you will be able to access other application which requires an internet connection to work. It means there is BullGuard Firewall behind this error message which is blocking internet access. Well, if it is a firewall behind the denied access then, there must be a security issue with the internet.

Resolution for Both Scenarios: One By One

If there is a Modem/Router Issue-

Method 1- Restart PC

Whatever the reason is there behind blocked Internet access, the main and simple solution is to restart your PC. Restarting the system solves many issues and if there is a minor issue, it can be fixed by restating the system.

When the PC restarts, open the browser and check if you can now access the internet. If not then, move ahead with the next method.

Method 2- Restart Modem ad Router

Unlike the PC, the router, and modem don’t have an interface to restart them. When the Internet access is blocked then, unplug them and wait for some time. You can also connect the modem first and then, the router. Check the router lights, and check if they have common colors.

If there is everything regular, then try to reconnect the Internet. Well, if you still have “ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED” on the screen, the issue is complicated. If needs to get into the network troubleshooting details.

Method 3- Network Adapter Driver Update Installation

The old network adapter might cause an issue with the Internet connection. You can install network driver updates and check if the Internet access issue is fixed. If still the issue persists or you aren’t able to install the driver’s update then, uninstall the network driver. After that, the system will install the latest version of network drivers.

If there is BullGuard behind Blocked Internet Access-

If you get to know that it is BullGuard behind blocked internet access then, fix it by sticking with the steps.

Method 1- Check Website Security

If you are trying to visit a website that has HTTP (website SSL) then, it is not secure. Hence, BullGuard is blocking the access as it takes care of your device against internet threats as well. You can ask for a secure website that has HTTPS for the same information.

Method 2- Conduct Malware/Virus Scan using BullGuard

If you have to access that website at any cost then, you should conduct a malware/virus scan for a potential threat. To conduct full virus/malware scan using BullGuard-

  • Open the BullGuard program and find the drop-down icon from the Antivirus section
  • You will find the “Full Scan” option, click on it and finish the procedure by following the prompts on the screen
  • When the scan is successful, you will find a message on the screen with the virus/malware/threat confirmation

If it is very necessary to access the internet then, you only have an option left behind. Yes, you have to disable antivirus and firewall to get internet access.

Method 3- Disable BullGuard Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus is important for your system specifically when it is BullGuard antivirus as it secures your system. Because BullGuard software comes has an all-in-one security package and firewall program too. This software won’t block internet access but yes, the Firewall will do so if there is any suspicion.

In that case, disable the Firewall program and check if the browsing error is now fixed. If not then, you will need to try to use another antivirus else, contact BullGuard to get assistance.

Method 4- Reinstall BullGuard Antivirus

If you are all set with the above-given resolution and still the internet access is blocked. Well, in this case, there might be some error from the BullGuard’s end. In that case, you have to reinstall BullGuard antivirus along with Firewall because Windows Firewall doesn’t provide powerful security.

All set? Congratulations! As of now, you can access the internet along with powerful BullGuard antivirus on your device.

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