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electric chain hoist


Electric Chain Hoists with the aid of WHSCOTTLIFTING Engineering may be used for popular to heavy-duty applications electric chain hoist. These are designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirements. Each Hoist is thoroughly tested and inspected before the cargo is delivered.

WHSCOTTLIFTING specializes within the layout engineering of Offshore obligation Electric hoists in Hazardous environments. WHSCOTTLIFTING hoists were mounted and commissioned at main global OIL & Gas platforms positioned at sea. We have the expertise required to design ultra-low headroom hoists, hoists with unique turning radius and hoists with non-preferred requirements.

We have efficiently added hoists with above mentioned crucial necessities to fundamental global Oil & Gas players.

Electric Chain Hoists by using WHSCOTTLIFTING are available for fashionable responsibility to heavy responsibility applications electric hoist trolley . These are designed and all the specifications are as consistent with wellknown. WHSCOTTLIFTING electric chain hoists have many fashionable functions traditionally referred to as optionally available on most electric powered chain hoists with the aid of other manufactures.

An Electric Chain Hoist should be designed to integrate right into a device of choice. These encompass Overhead Bridge Cranes, creation Bridge Crane Kits, Rail Systems, to a standalone unit on a Jib Crane or Gantry Crane. Trolleys ought to provide easy motion of load and create low resistance motion of the ‘I’ beam girders.

In a desk bound set up, with push trolleys or electric trolleys, WHSCOTTLIFTING Electric Chain Hoists prove to be extremely beneficial and consumer‐pleasant. The benefits include very low headroom requirement for max space utilization, a general precision lifting pace for sensitive lifting and decreasing operations and brake linings with a protracted carrier life electric chain hoists & power trolleys . The new technology of WHSCOTTLIFTING’s Electric Chain Hoists feature a fresh ergonomic design and a technically sound product. The motor and the equipment unit are of modular design, allowing us to provide a wide variety of versions and ensuring that the overall layout of the hoist is compact.


Heavy duty DC brake is designed for an extended service lifestyles.

Lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box and helical gearing guarantees better wear and easy operation. Heavy duty rated automobiles.


WHSCOTTLIFTING type electric powered chain hoist consists of electric powered motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. The lifting ability is 0.3-35 heaps, and the lifting height is 3 to a hundred and twenty meters. The electric chain hoist is widely used in workshops, warehouses, wind electricity, logistics, terminals, homes and different occasions. It is used with unmarried and double beam cranes, jib cranes and gantry cranes electric chain hoist with trolley . It may be used for lifting or loading and unloading goods, additionally can be used for set up, commissioning and preservation of precision molds. Operators can follow the hoist with manage pendent, and  also can manipulate the hoist in control room with remote control electric hoist and trolley . This type electric chain hoist may be used for fixed suspension, and additionally can be used with electric monorail trolleys and manua monorail trolleys.

Production Features

The hoist shell is light and sturdy, has a excessive warmness dissipation charge, and is fully sealed to be used in environments with bad operating conditions.

Reverse phase protection device: It is a special electrical device. When the energy deliver wiring is inaccurate, the control circuit can not work.

Limit switch: There are limit transfer gadgets for lifting and decreasing, so that the motor stops mechanically to save you the chain from exceeding to make sure safety.

Low-voltage cope with switch: The take care of low-voltage (24V/36V/48V) control device can save you accidents whilst the switch leaks throughout operation.

Braking device: Braking uses disc DC electromagnetic braking, braking torque is huge, strong, fast, and coffee noise.

Chain: 80 grade extraordinary warmth-handled alloy steel chain makes the chain greater tough and more durable, ensuring protection all through work.

Operating tool: The electric powered trolley is ready with guiding gadgets to make the hoist run more smoothly at the I-beam.

Aviation socket: The connection among the hoist and the trolley is more secure and extra stunning.

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