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Picrew is a website that deals with the making of avatars with the use of some layered paper dolls. It had its development through the joint efforts of two employees of TetraChroma Inc in 2017.  After some more Research and Development, the Picrew Website got published in December 2018.

The Website has it’s an opening interface or the basic concept very much related to that of the other Avatar Websites like Nintendo Mii or WeeMee. Those also shared the common history of digitally made paper dolls, also known as the Avatars.

Picrew is one of the best tools to make Avatars outside Japan. Using a simple interface, Users can make their Avatars using the Picrew Creator.

Although there are some limitations in terms of the use of the Pi crew Website. Some of them are the use of redistributed images that are created through Picrew. Go through the terms and conditions of the Picrew Website and then carry on your work.

What is Picrew about?

Picrew is an online platform where you can make avatars as freely as you want. Here artists are required to submit their ideas of the avatars so that other users can create their avatars based on the ideas that the Artist shared about the making of the avatars.

Picrew has its origin in Japan, and its developer is Tetrachrome, Inc.

As you will advance to the website, you will see that the front page of the site displays a whole new collection of avatars that are made by different users, and those are also categorized as the popular category of images and designs.

After you choose any of the designs that are illustrated on the page by an Artist, you can readily choose any color or style to make your avatar unique from the idea of others.

For example, you can change the doll’s eye color, put on lipstick if that is a girl avatar, etc.

Next, you should plan to design the character.  After you complete the character as a whole, you can share your avatar on any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and paste there your link through which you have made the Avatar, so that people can create their own too.

About the Picrew Maker

The Picrew maker is a digital doll maker website. Through this website, you can make images that will be potential for the users, as they are willing to create their dolls digitally through the picrew creator.

Picrew is a platform where you can easily make images and where you can have customized images of the avatars that you want. After it is done, you can play with your Avatar as you like.

Now, What more can you do with the image-maker?

You can combine some trendy designs along with the avatar you have made to make it cooler.

And it is the fact that there are a lot of customizations available, and you can choose as you wish and make them according to your wishes. If you see the color tool or the tool that will give amazing shades and designs, make with them whatever you like – and design the doll’s lips, eyebrows, etc.

Any use that doesn’t include profit is allowed. This includes:

  1. Avatar/icons ( available for youtube, twitch, discord, and the like . Works even if your channel is monetized).
  2. Placeholders – this is applicable if you are making use of them in a personal project or any roleplay.
  3. You can have Memes, compilations, or edits.

You are fine till you think of selling the image or claiming the fact that, that feature is your own.

How can you make Picrew?

The steps are very easy. Follow me!

  1. In the first step, open the browser on your Laptop or PC or your smartphone and type in the keyword Picrew. me.
  2. After you open the Official Website of the Pi, then select according to your preference either English or Japanese.
  3. In the next step, scroll down and see the various avatars which are already made on the website. Select any one of them for your customization.
  4. Now you are eligible to make your avatar in the way you like by changing the structure of the eyebrows from the options available, you can also change the shape of the eyeballs, change their color, change the skin tone, and color the lips.
  5. Next, you can also change the hair color and put on some accessories.
  6. When you will complete the Avatar, select on Complete option to finish your customization.
  7. Now, how will you save the avatar on your device?
  8. Select the download option available, and it will be saved.

How can you download the Picrew App?

Go to the website and download the Picrew me app for your android device.

After downloading gets completed click on the install button to install the app on your device and then as I have mentioned all the steps, customize your avatar, with the best and coolest options available for free.

With the Picrew me English app, you can easily make your avatars in your free time, that too absolutely free of cost and then use them on any trending social media platform Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Snakvideo, and other Social Sites available.

Jeliceous Picrew :

After publishing your Avatar, you can increase the items on the list and change the settings as you wish.

It is highly recommended that you do not do much at first, and try to make something that is simple but cool.

If you go through the basic information, you will be able to understand my point.

Picrew Female Characters:

Since the time that Picrew was launched, there are many options of female characters available in this app.

So, you can download the characters as you wish on your device.

 Picrew Male Characters:

As there is the option of Female characters, you can also have the male characters, with wide-ranging options available.

You can also have different styles ranging for them, and make them as you wish.

Picrew Two Characters:

With Picrew two characters. you will be able to make the avatars representing your friend or your family members and keep them within a single frame.

Picrew Icon Maker:

This is another feature through which you can create some Picrew icons for your device.

Certain Picrew icons are available to be used on Android Devices.

Picrew FAQs:

Let’s go through some of the FAQs regarding Picrew. Hope that all your doubts will be cleared!

  1. Can you have the Picrew Me app available in the English Language?
  2. The Picrew.My app still doesn’t have the Official English Version available.
  3. You can download it on your smartphone, and change the language from Japanese to English.
  4. How to make Picrew on Mobile?
  5. As I have already mentioned, this is very easy.
  6. You just have to download the app and then follow the steps that I have already mentioned to make the Picrew Avatars on your device.

Best 5 Websites for making Avatars:

Just like the fact that you have come to Picrew me for the creation of Avatars, it is the same with other websites too.

In this article, I will also make you all known to some other websites through which you can easily make some avatars, which will be equally cool. So, let’s start!

  1. Portrait Illustration Maker

This is a free app that helps in making cartoon avatars. This is an app that uses the English language. You can use this app to make some free cartoons.

You have to grant the location access for this app, and while clicking on the Randomizer option, you have to the location will generate randomly generated avatars for you.

After your Avatar gets completed, click on the publish button to publish it on any social media platform, and then once you are done, save them on your device, and you can also manually customize the avatars as you wish.

  1. Face Your Manga – another website

Face Your Manga is another website that will help you to create cartoon versions of avatars for yourself. This is one of the best websites to do so.

Like any other website, you can create the avatars from the already available avatars which will be there on this website.

  1. Moron Face

Through this website, you can easily customize your pictures with avatars on them.

Nobody will object if you use your pictures to make avatars from them.

The website Moron Face will help you to be successful by this means. Enjoy!

  1. Cartoon Picture

The Website Cartoon Picture is in the scene for quite a several years.

With the help of this website, you can make any photograph turn into an animated avatar within seconds,

Just as you will sign up to this website, you have to click on the option add, and then select the photograph which you want to turn into an avatar.

This is going to be a lot more enjoyable.

  1. BeFunky

This is another alternative to Picrew me.

This website can help you to construct anything that you want to create.

The BeFunky website will help you to create some distinguished artworks from certain illustrations which are available.

Therefore, this website is equally enjoyable.

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