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5 Tips For Writing An Effective Medical School Personal Statement

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Every medical school only enrolls communicative, bright and empathetic students. If you want to take admission in your favourite medical school, then it’s essential to write a compelling personal statement. A well written medical school personal statement will have a positive and strong impression on the admissions committee. 

Combining with the interview performance, a personal statement is equal to about 60% of one’s total admission score. Clearly, the importance of a personal statement in your medical school admission is very high. Here are the top five tips for writing a compelling medical school personal statement. Show the school who you are and what are you capable of:

#1 Write, Revise, Re-write And Then Finalize

It takes time to write an excellent personal statement. Of Course, you are not a professional writer; mistakes are usual. But you must learn from your mistakes and correct them as soon as possible. Take maximum to maximum 3-4 months for writing and revision to make your statement in submission-ready shape. This period is enough to write your first essay, make a draft, review it, and then re-work on your draft.

#2 Be Interesting

Start with some catchy lines. It will create interest in the reader from the beginning only before they get into your story. Make the school admissions committee read your essay till the end.

To know whether you are writing your statement in the right way or not, you can also take the help of your medical school consulting facility. An experienced medical school application consultant can give you the correct advice and will highlight your issues so that your essay would be mistake-free. Yet, there are thousands of websites and companies offering the best medical school consultants. But how do you know which one is appropriate for you? It’s simple, go with the most trusted and popular ones. Acceptmed has helped so many medical students in their school admissions, making it a number the best medical school admissions consulting of all time.

#3 Stay Focused

You should highlight some interesting aspects or parts of your life in your personal statement. Although, don’t tell your complete life story. Choose a specific theme and then stick to it. You can also support it by adding specific examples.

#4 Write Simple

A good medical student is always a good doctor. That’s why we suggest you use clear and direct language. Don’t revolve your statement around one particular thing. This will remove all kinds of boredom from your statement. Try to be straight forward!

#5 Follow This 4- Point Essay Format

This is the perfect format of writing a compelling medical school personal statement; make sure you write yours accordingly. We have divided the whole essay into four segments:


  • First Paragraph( Your Starting)


Here you need to write 3-4 catchy sentences that can grab your reader’s attention immediately.


  • Second And Third Body Of Your Essay


Use these two paragraphs to write about yourself, reveal who you really are. The upper paragraph should contain clinical understanding, and the lower paragraph should reflect your personality and capabilities.


  • Fourth  Paragraph Or The Conclusion


A firm conclusion will have an excellent and long-lasting impression on the reader. Give a summary of yourself and end your essay with an exciting challenge for the future. Or write about what you want to become in your life, your aim.

Final Words

These are the top five tips for writing a compelling medical school admission statement. Follow every important detail we have mentioned above to avoid writing in the wrong direction. 

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