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Difference between Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance


Surveillance is the process of monitoring activities and people in power. It gathers information from a defender to prepare for the aggressor’s behavior or show potential harm to the defender with the goal of scaring him/her to end engaging in such insensitive actions.

Surveillance comes in many forms. Surveillance is always directed towards a specific goal. You must consider the possibility of being observed or followed. We could become witnesses or victims for those who are watching while we meet with them.

Whom and how can you be viewed?

The people who ask that we are watched could also send operatives, or members of the organization, to areas where they believe we might be. They might also follow us at a distance. In such a situation, they might be members or affiliates of an organization and will use techniques to follow us without our knowledge. In such cases, they will keep a safe distance from us, change our vehicle or location, and then turn and move on.

These methods of surveillance include:

  • Follow and watch from your car, motorcycle, or foot.
  • Investigating and questioning friends and family about us.
  • Tapping of phones, interposing messages, stealing information from address books or other mobile devices.
  • Capturing images via still photography or with video cameras.
  • The GPS tracker on a mobile phone allows us to find our location.
  • Tracking information received on social media, blogs, web pages, and other websites.
  • Intercepting emails, chats, and calls through the Internet.
  • Stealing digital sources like external discs, computers, and other portable systems of storage, etc.
  • We are going through our papers and looking for information.


Counter surveillance is taking action to prevent others from following your activities. This action can only take place after hostile surveillance has occurred.

You could do it in the hope of protecting the following things:

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Commercial interests

Counter surveillance can help protect you, your family, and your personal information. If you use it, you can also protect your business, employees, and trade secrets from anyone who wants to steal financial records or proprietary information.

Technology has allowed anyone to record your activities through pictures, video, speech, and text. This technology allows you to make discreet surveillance devices from your smartphone. Because they are smaller and more portable than the cameras on your phone, you can conceal them even better. There are many methods to end surveillance on your phone if you suspect you may be under surveillance for criminal purposes. So, these methods of stopping surveillance are also known as counter-surveillance. You can easily perform counter-surveillance on your own.

However, there are more advanced & unique counter-surveillance measures, including the electronic devices of surveillance detection, you may need a personal source of counter-surveillance or a professional, i.e a private investigator.

All of us are aware that smartphones, phones, and laptops can be accessed via the internet. Each of these devices has many vulnerable points of access, including personal data. However, the best part is that all of them can be accessed via the internet. As the world is becoming more and more digital, these devices could be used to steal your personal information in a number of ways. You need to be aware of countersurveillance, and take steps to protect yourself from it. You must choose the top Detective Agency in Chennai before you seek professional assistance.


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