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Frsky transmitter Taranis qx7. If there is any radio that can enter FPV in the past few years, it is this one. It’s cheap, has all the features of its big brother x9d, and many pilots have flown it. Now, let’s take a look at this long-term budget radio and compare it with other options on the market.

External thoughts

When you order FrSky Taranis QX7, it is packaged in a beautiful box, and foam and plastic packaging are well protected. In addition, the radio comes with a frsky transmitter band and a smart port cable. Including the transmitter belt is really good and of high quality. It’s a very thick fabric. It’s comfortable to wear around the neck.

The rubber side grip is a good touch and feels comfortable when holding. However, the ergonomics of the radio seems to favor thumb control over press or mix press.

There are four ports at the bottom of the radio. There is a smartport for updating the firmware of the receiver, an SD card slot, a USB port for connecting the simulator to the computer, and a battery charging port on the right.

These sticks feel good and smooth. They are potentiometer balancing frames. However, they are not as good as the gimbals of Hall effect, and they feel a little chalky at the edge of the branch. This is not a big problem, but I believe the upgrade of the Hall effect universal joint provides a huge boost to the usability of the radio.

However, I can’t say the same thing to the switch. They think they are mean, and some people have a good time in the middle. I hope forsky can install some nice switches on the Taranis qx7, but again, it’s a cheap radio and you can’t complain about the price.

Another thing to note is how clean the radio wiring is. The cable connecting the switch and gimbal is wound and laid outside the gimbal movement area. Moreover, all the cables are twisted together. I think this is not only to improve the cleanliness of the building, but also to prevent electrical interference caused by the current through different wires of the radio.

Overall, the built-in quality of the vlaski transmitter Taranis qx7 is rock solid, and I have no doubt that it will continue to serve for many years.

But the last question is: is this radio still available in today’s market? Well, compared with other radios today, it’s hard to recommend.

The user interface is also improved over the x9d because a scroll wheel and three easy to press buttons are installed next to the LCD. The x9d has separate buttons on each side of the LCD screen, which makes menu navigation a bit tedious.

In the first upgrade, you will see the startup screen of Taranis, and then enter the default model screen. From there, you can configure the radio as your core content. But now, let’s examine the hardware.

Frsky Taranis qx7 – internal disassembly

Open the battery port, we can see a few screws, you can see the situation inside the main radio. First open the top two screws, then the bottom two screws, and then remove the back cover.

Taranis qx7 has three main PCB boards. At the bottom of the radio, we have a motherboard that carries the CPU, power circuit, clock, LCD circuit and I / O. The middle PCB can access the JR port, allowing users to plug in external sending modules, such as frsky R9m system and TBS Crossfire (with some modifications). The top PCB is an internal transmitter module that modulates the input of the stick into radio waves and sends them to the receiver.

Overall, the internal build quality of the frsky transmitter Taranis qx7 is impeccable. However, I noticed that there was a solder joint problem on my buzzer. Apart from that, everything is fine.

Let’s take a look at the switches. Although they feel cheap, they are comfortable in the bracket. Forsky has done a good job to ensure that each solder joint is insulated from heat shrinkage. To be honest, there’s not much to say about them, because they do a good job: making and breaking connections.

The universal joint is also firmly attached to the radio. The tension of universal joint and throttle ratchet is easy to obtain. In fact, frsky has added throttling tension and ratchets on both sides of the balance ring, which shows that they are very concerned about international customers who do not necessarily fly in mode 2.

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