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When you come home after an exhausting day, you would be seeking to crash on your spot.  Whether you want to watch the highlights of a cricket match, scroll the news feeds on social networking sites, or talk about your day with your better half, your armchair could be the place.

Now when it comes to investing in your designer chairs, you would think about several things, concepts, and ideas. To make it easy for you, here is a glimpse of some designer armchairs:

1. Como 

With the touch of sophistication and elegance, Como presents a cube design with slightly curved corners. The designer chair is raised slightly with subtle and stylish wooden legs. It is suitable for different kinds of home interiors and can be a place to chill after a long day.

2. Salisbury 

With a versatile yet elegant trait, Salisbury is an attractive chair. It can be an eye-catching piece of furniture in any part of the home, particularly if you are shopping for your bedroom. You can also use it to jazz up the appearance of your living room.

3. Porto 

An upholstered armchair in compact form, Porto is fit for different kinds of home décor ranging from contemporary to traditional. Its high back, along with full armrests as well as luxurious padding makes it among the best choices for bedroom or your reception room.

4. Roma

Roma is a classical designer chair for all-time, which can be the choice for you if you are looking for comfort and relaxation. This arm-chair has a deep seat along with a padded back, which makes it a perfect partner for your living room and reception room.

5. Diva

The luxurious curve back chair has beautifully curved lines and a deep seat, which has a supportive back that will provide you exceptional comfort. Place it in your favorite corner and it would be your spot to relax and curl up.

6. Aspen 

The designer chair with retro style, Aspen can be your choice for your bedroom or reception. It has a deeper seat and all-round padding that gives overall comfort. It has defined lines, which bring a sleek design and comfort at any corner of the home you place it.

7. Brockton

An armchair with an amusing curve back features, Brockton can be your place to relax due to its luxurious padding as well as armed sides. This designer chair suits the interior of any home and you can choose it for any corner of your house as it adds luxury and elegance to its surrounding.

8. Brockton 2

The Brockton 2 is a sumptuous two-seater armchair, which provides a seating solution for different corners of the home, particularly the bedroom and living room. It has an elegantly curved wing-back, which adds to its elegance, and at the same time, adds to its comfort.


In the end, the final thought has to be yours. You can either choose to pick an already designed armchair for yourself or contact a furniture store for designer chairs in Chandigarh. There are varieties of ideas for you to consider for your bespoke furniture.

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