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Why use business intranet than instant messaging apps for communication?

With employees working from home, choosing the right communication tool is essential for business growth and success. While for many businesses, communication tools like Slack and Discord are the go-to solution; hackers can attack your company’s crucial data via their communication platforms. So, if you want to protect your confidential and sensitive information, you need a more secure and private solution. 

It has been found that cybercriminals hacked Twitter via their Slack software in 2020 and got access to more than 120 high-profile accounts. On the other hand, attackers used Discord’s content delivery network and core features to push malicious files across its network of 150 million users, putting corporate workplaces at risk.

Such incidents point to the risks involved in using such instant messaging apps. Not only do these public communication platforms offer you control over security but also halt your communication when the network is down. Here is where business intranet comes into play. Not only is it a privately owned secured network that centralizes all your communication but also minimizes distractions caused by instant messaging apps.

So, here are the advantages of using intranet messaging apps over instant messaging apps.

Enhanced security: The biggest advantage of using a business intranet for communication is that it is the safest way of communication. Although most commercial communication apps provide end-to-end encryption facilities, a private network offers additional security to ensure that teams interact without worrying about data breaches.

Improved communication: No matter whether your employees work remotely or from the office, you must provide them with a communication platform to interact, collaborate, and engage. And when you use instant messaging apps, you will get access to basic chat functions. However, intranet platforms provide you with a wide range of features, including forums, quizzes, group messaging, etc. As a result, it helps boost communication and make your employees feel valued, regardless of their location.

Streamline knowledge management: When you use commercial messaging apps to manage your company data, you may end up with countless duplicate files spread across different communication platforms. However, with the best intranet platforms, you can create a centralized knowledge management system that not only helps streamline your document management but also ensure all your employees get access to the most updated and relevant information.

Improves employee productivity: Switching between different communication tools can be a hassle for employees. Not only does it cause distraction but also waste a lot of time on repetitive tasks. However, the best corporate intranet platform can automate repetitive tasks, including event management, expense management, meeting room booking, etc. All these tasks could eat into your productive time if not addressed at the right time and in the right way. With the best intranet, you can handle all such tasks easily, which will further help in improving your productivity.

The Bottom Line

While communication is vital for business success, choosing the right tool is equally important. So, if you are using traditional messaging apps for communication, it is high time to switch to business intranet platforms. Otherwise, you may end up incurring a huge loss due to confidential information leakage.

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