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Why Homeowners Prefer Radiant Floors Over Conventional Heating Methods

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Homeowners prefer radiant floors over conventional heating methods:

The fame of the radiant floors has augmented in modern ages; though the process was a common choice in the past as every civilization used it in some way or the other, the previous century focused more on the alternative methods.  There came a break in the practice when other heating methods like forced air heating and radiation were introduced.  The landowners are tending back toward electric floors because of several benefits.

Dry heat V/S wet heat (there is no such thing as dry or moist heat).

The fact that the water is running underneath the top floor to control the temperature doesn’t mean there is a river beneath the base of your house. Even if the heating process is done by hot water, the panels through which the water travels into the system are packed and sealed, and it doesn’t seep out of those tubes.

Stale air in the house (radiant floors are not the reasons why the air in your home is stale, poor ventilation may be the reason).

It is significant to learn that radiant floors always heat the house from within, but the reason the air in your home is stale is poor ventilation. The valuable point to consider is that a heating system is not responsible for circulating the air around the house. The ventilation is one different system, and radiant floor heating has nothing to do with it.

How electric radiant floors heat the floor:

The ideal radiance delivers only 60 per cent of the heating with the help of radiation; the rest of the warming is carried out by the support of convection. Convection is the process which operates regardless of moisture factor. This is the main reason the market has been shifting towards radiant floors.

Forced air heaters spread allergens and dust:

The old forced air heaters spread the dust and allergens to when they covered the heat throughout the area. It is important to know that if there is anyone sick in the house, and the safety protocols aren’t exercised the germs will travel thought out the area or home when the air will be blown through the house.

Energy efficiency:

Since the radiant floor uses an even and diversified distribution of heat underneath the floor, you don’t have to keep the system running for the more extended period, you can shut the system down once the house or the room is toasty warm and the heat will last longer.  This isn’t the case with the forced air heaters; the warm air escapes the ducts and other openings making the room or the area cooler again.

Why people tend towards radiant floors these days:

The shift in the mood is caused because the radiant floors provided more ease and convenience. If we weigh the benefits of the electric level over conventional heating methods, we would know that the traditional heater requires more energy to function.

How much do conventional heaters consume?

A traditionally forced air heater requires 1500 watts of electricity no matter it is coil or infrared.  Multiply this number with the number of usage hours, and you will get the total amount of the power consumed. Now compare this number with the hydric radiant floor, and you will see a significant difference in the consumption of energy.

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