Why every worker needs an Employment Lawyer

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If you are an employee and doesn’t know about a very important term called employment lawyer then you are missing a very important part of your work. Today we find many employers putting the laws as per their requirement in front of their employees and confusing them. Employment lawyer Toronto helps in the protection of the rights of every worker and make the thing legal from top to bottom. Without Toronto,Labour Lawyer Toronto it is next to impossible to protect the rights, safety and wages related issues of the the employees.

Now let us explore in depth, why every worker needs an Employment Lawyer?

  1. Employment Lawyer Toronto for minimum wages:

Earlier it was only up to the employer to set the minimum wages. due to these many cases came in front where the employees were not getting the salary as per their work. And hence in the year 1983, a law for the minimum wages came into action. As per the law, every employee should receive the base rate of $2.13 and as per today standard, the minimum wages should be at least $7.25.

  1. Employment Lawyer Toronto for child labour:

During the great depression, there was no law to handle child labour. Even the children’s of 5 to 6 years of age were working as labour in some hazardous job. These kids were doing the job that was dangerous for even an adult to perform and that is why President Franklin D. Roosevelt, came up with the Fair Labor Standards Act in the year 1938. This act set the minimum age required for any person to work and also their minimum wages.

  1. Employment Lawyer Toronto for the prevention of discrimination:

Employment Lawyer came up with the discrimination law to prevent the rights of employees from employers. Today Labour Lawyer Toronto protects the employees from many discriminations. This law protects the employees from various discriminations like sex, colour, races, religion, origin, etc; Even the laws related with the senior employee is older than 40 years of age comes under this section.

  1. Employment Lawyer Toronto for health and safety:

All the laws related to the health and the safety of the employees are handled by the employment lawyers. This law includes many things like the type of machinery used, extreme vibrations, working status, the noise level at the workplace, electricity-related hazards and temperature at the workplace. All these things are vital to creating a healthy working atmosphere for the employees and that is why it is also important to protect it under the law.

  1. Employment Lawyer Toronto for compensations:

This law protects all the compensation related rights of the workers. This law includes medical bill payments, insurance coverage, medical claim settlement, etc; other than this the insurance also covers the criteria of minimum wages which should be given to the injured worker.

Without having Labour Lawyer Toronto, it is almost impossible to protect the rights of the employees and this is what makes it a must-have for every e employer.

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