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Why consider wood grain watches?

Written by TruWood

Wood Grain Watches

Wood has always been one of the most crucial building materials all throughout the world since humankind began its processes. Wood is used for various things like cooking, furniture, infrastructure and even in the form of wood grain watches! Yes, you read it right! Even the watches are made of wood. TruWood is the popular online store where you can find a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs under the category wooden watches for women. 

Wood has been used for building various things, whether it’s construction, farming or other things, it is termed as a valuable asset in all the industries. And if you talk about the wooden watches for women, an immense amount of time and effort are put into the handcrafted pieces. 

Here are some of the good reasons to wear these wooden watches- 

  • Wooden watches stand out from the crowd because these are distinct and natural. The best part about them is the natural variation and if you look closely, you’ll never find a watch exactly like it. Nature has produced distinct wood grain patterns and even with the same patterns, these watches look great naturally. 
  • The watches made of wood are extra light and it is true for all the watches that are made of 100% wood. Most of these materials are half the weight of the watch and comes with a metal band as well. 
  • The amazing part about wooden watches is that these are environment-friendly as they are made from renewable sources of energy. Plants can be replanted again and you can save the future with one watch at a time. 
  • Another interesting thing about these watches is that these are hypoallergenic and there’s no toxic finish to the watches. It is basically a great deal for the people who are allergic to the metals on their skin.
  • Wooden watches have become a part of everyday fashion and they are easily available at affordable rates too. TruWood is the most amazing online store where these wooden watches can be found easily. 
  • With the wooden watches, you’ll realize that nature has never been so useful. These watches are eco-friendly with a non-toxic finish, light-weight with an intricate quality of the handwoven fabric. This will not only provide you a unique look but will also look flawsome on you. 

Let’s keep the forests and environment healthy by using these wooden watches. Enjoy the new fashion look with the natural wooden watches. 


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