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Why A Licensed Driving Instructor And Not Your Parents?

  • Have you reached the legal driving age?
  • Do you want to learn to drive like a professional?
  • Are you wondering whether you should enroll yourself for a professional certified driving instructor or let your parents teach you?

Worry not!

Learning from your parents might seem like a better option as it saves your money and allows you to bond with them. However, it is not the right alternative. Let us walk you through some of the reasons, and you should not choose the easy option and opt for the best adult driver instructor near you!

Why Opt For Certified Driving Instructor?

  • They Are Parents And Not Skilled Adult Driver Instructors!

Your parents may have several years of driving experience, but it doesn’t mean they are professional incensed driving instructors. While a certified driving instructor has years of experience teaching other teenagers like you. 

Choosing a pro will help you to become a safe driver. It is mostly because they know road rules and the best ways to use complex techniques easily. In addition, the certified driving instructors are more familiar with the day-to-day realities of driving of teens, enabling them to equip you with appropriate defensive driving techniques. 

They have a set curriculum involving practical and theoretical information for every situation. Furthermore, these curriculums are regularly updated as per the new driving skills and rules. 

  • One Might Not Take Parent’s Criticism Constructively

They might take it personally when they are corrected or criticized by their parents during their driving lessons. Parents’ chance of giving their children constructive criticism might affect their confidence and their ability to learn important driving skills. But, on the other hand, the optimistic judgment might make it hard for you to pass your driving test. 

However, when a licensed driving instructor corrects the learners, one won’t take it in a way that would trigger their emotional response or would reduce their confidence. 

  • Instructors Have Most Efficient And Effective Driving Lessons

In case of learning to drive from your parents, you will probably have to use your car for the training purpose. However, if you learn from the licensed driving instructor, you will get to use the mechanically equipped car, which is ideal for dealing with any minor or major issues that may occur on the go. 

In case of any injury or accident, your parents may feel that they fail to teach you how to recognize and avoid any hazard. However, none of the certified instructors would miss the opportunity to teach you – How to be safe on the road. One may even learn the most complex maneuvers, such as reverse parallel parking. 

  • To Deal With Long Log Book Hours To Qualify Test 

It is mandatory to have some log-book hours with a skilled professional adult driver instructor in most countries. This mandate is because the hours you would spend with the instructor while learning the driving skills would count, and you would easily get your driver’s license after giving the test. However, getting the required log-book hours would be difficult while practicing to drive with your parents. If you want to enhance your driving and get long log-book hours, you can search “driving instructors near me” on the web to get the best of all. 

  • Who Knows Roads Better Than Professional Instructors? 

Your parents might be good at driving, but there are chances that their teaching skills are similarly good. There are low possibilities that they would know all the driving laws. It is mainly because most licensed drivers don’t actively remember the laws and signs that are usually not seen on the roads. 

However, being a new driver would require you to learn anything and everything to qualify for the practical test and the theoretical test for obtaining the driver’s license. 

If you want to grow into a confident driver, make sure to take the help of a professional licensed driving instructor and get going to take your wheels on the road!

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