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Which are the Top 2 Noida International Schools for your child?

Noida has been gaining popularity with each passing day as it has become a hub for the IT sector. The planned city has been making some good progress technologically and also in the corporate sector. The standard of living in Noida is getting better day by day and people are looking for better opportunities in the city. 

Along with the improvement in the corporate sector, Noida has also made some huge progress in its education sector in the past decade. Noida is also known to be one of the best cities in the country for having the best education system. The schools in the city have good infrastructure, big campuses, and beneficial educational facilities available for their students. The increase in the Noida school admission numbers is proof that parents prefer the schools situated in this city for their children. 

Noida international schools particularly have been making a name in the city for their high standards of teaching, global exposure, and world-class facilities. The city is home to some renowned international schools like Pathways World Schools, Global Indian International School, Sapphire International School, Kothari International School, and others.

The two best International Schools among the lot are Pathways World School and Global Indian International School (GIIS). Both these schools provide their students with the best infrastructure and an academically challenging curriculum. 


Pathways World School, Noida 

Pathways World School has a campus that stretches over 34 acres. This school pays details to the infrastructure of the school to promote the individual growth of all students. It provides its students with the best possible environment for them to focus on both academics and extracurricular activities. They have also been ranked no.1 in the international school chain in north India. 

Pathways World School brings in a lot of cultural diversity as students from different backgrounds enroll in this school each year. They believe in innovative and smart learning. The school encourages their students to not only study but also play, enjoy, analyze and be great thinkers of the future. Innovation and technology are the strength of Pathways World School. They constantly try to work on their system to help their students have access to better opportunities. 


Global Indian International School, Noida 

Global Indian International School is known as one of the best Noida international schools. It has 22 campuses in 7 countries. GIIS is popularly known for its introduction to technology in its education system and a unique 9 Gems teaching framework that balances academics with extracurricular activities. 

GIIS has also won recognition in the Innovator category by the Times School Survey in 2020. It is one of those schools that maintained and continued its operations during the pandemic because of its introduction to online lectures prior to the pandemic. GIIS conducts online conferences for the students to communicate with their peers abroad, and it also has an online parents’ community. GIIS Noida school admission process is also very streamlined and can be easily completed on the school website by parents and students. 

Global Indian International School believes in the principle of making its students the leaders of tomorrow. The student’s needs and interests are given special attention by the teachers and one-on-one guidance is also provided. They have a big campus with ample open space that allows their students to study in a healthy environment. With enough opportunities to showcase their talents and global exposure, GIIS provides the scope to students to grow and become responsible citizens of tomorrow.  


Every school has their own specialty and have proven to be the best in their own way. As a parent, it is always advised to conduct proper research before choosing the right school for your child.

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