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What’s the Right Time to Get Flooring Installation Services and Change the Subfloor?

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Flooring is an industrial term used for permanent floor coverings to protect the ground or surface by creating it sturdy and robust. The flooring mainly consists of two basic components, the floor base and the upper floor base, known as subfloor and floor covering. The best type of floor coverings is impenetrable, long-lasting, and smooth.

In the write-up, we will discuss how you can identify the right time to get flooring installation services for your place. All you are supposed to do is to look for issues that are caused by minor negligence because they get into bigger, serious problems real quick.

What Causes Subfloor Damage? 

It is considered that subfloors play a vital role in keeping the floor covering well-protected from damage. Overexposure of moisture to the floor damages both the subfloor and floor covering. This might make you question whether you need to get flooring installation services or not.

But before you contact the installers, it’s important for you to have a little detail about it all. The process of different types of floors requires different materials as well as a few different processes. The subfloor goes through a lot. It also requires some beating before the flooring gets installed. So, ask yourself, how has your subflooring been damaged so that you are looking for another one to get this time around?

The massive damage to the subfloor occurs either from excessive humidity that leads to overexposure to moisture. It could also mean that there’s some kind of leakage in your plumbing or there’s a crack in the exterior of your house. Either way, the thought of replacing your flooring gives off a sinking feeling. After all, it is attached to the floor joist of your house that requires a whole lot of effort to be replaced.

More often than not, some subfloors also have a concrete foundation to them rather than being made of plywood. The flooring installation over both foundations has different procedures. So, when you contact flooring service providers to work for you, ensure to make a list of questions to ask them.

The Need for a Subfloor

So, the question is, do you need the subfloor? Well, it depends on the damage caused and how it was caused. You will need analysis through the service providers about it. However, to add to your research further, we have mentioned common signs of subfloor damage that you can identify yourself. This way, you will be able to determine the need to change the subfloor of your home.

  1.    The flooring is uneven and immersed: Soft spots on the floors can easily be identified, whether it is under the carpet or under your laminate wood flooring. They feel weak, submerged, and bumpy to step on. This indicates that the panels or flooring framework beneath has weakened. For this purpose, replacing your entire subflooring may not be necessary. There are ways that can only cut the damage out. This way, it will prevent the rot and dampened area from spreading further.
  2.    The wooden floorboards make loud squeaks:Subfloors make creaky sounds when the floorboards and joists attached together loosens. This happens with the nails being pulled loose that keeps everything together. The squeaky sound is made when the nails move in and out of the joists as a person walks by. If not repaired on time, the nails might even leave their place. For this purpose, you only need to change and repair the subfloor from where the sound is coming from. However, if you hear the sound over the entire place, then it means the subfloor material underneath is distorted.
  3.    The place smells reek and musty: An ongoing and dirty smell is a literal sign of water damage and dampened subflooring. However, the trickier part is to find where the damage has taken place. When you experience a situation like this, you need to first stop the water supply. Then make an effort to expose the subflooring and mark the area. Know that the drying process will take time, along with the reinforcement of floor joists and the reinstallation over the damaged flooring area.
  4.    The floors bounce back and shift when walking on them: Although there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of spring beneath, a minor issue can lead to a major one if not dealt with on time. If you have been noticing that your floors have started acting out, it feels bouncy and spongy; then there could be two reasons for it. Either the subfloor is not completely attached, or the nails and joists are not supporting enough because they are old. Thus, get it fixed accordingly or replace it completely.
  5.    The tile flooring has cracked: Tiles cannot stay on an uneven or flexible surface. To prevent tile flooring from cracking, it requires a strong, sturdy, and rigid surface underneath them, like one of concrete or cement. Tile cracking is the major flooring problem that asks for a complete shift and replacement. Although the tiles can be kept safe while taking them out, the subfloor must be made firm and even. The cement backer board between tiles and the panels is a suggested procedure.


Flooring is one of the major household requirements that offer satisfaction and increase the home’s value. There are various flooring types with a huge collection of versatility and choices. However, the piece of write-up focuses on the subfloor and when it is considered the right time to get it replaced by getting flooring installation services. Few main reasons for subfloor damage are also mentioned above.

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