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What types of summer maintenance care required if you have a Porsche?

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Summers are great as it let you travel long distances and having fun. But besides looking for fun, you also need to make sure that your Porsche A/C system is in proper working order. Also, there are a few other things that shouldn’t be overlooked in your Porsche during the summer season.


  • Tire Pressure: If your tires are overinflated it means that the contact with the ground is less which leads to hydroplaning in soggy conditions. Under-inflated tires can bulge and blow out when the temps rise and reduce fuel economy. So, just make sure the tires in your Porsche have the correct pressure to avoid any problems. If you can’t just take your car to the mechanic after a regular interval. And if possible keep spare tire with you.

Also, let your mechanic check your car’s check engine light that lets you drive safely.


  • Brakes: These are one of the essential parts of a vehicle and in order to manage the summer traffic, be sure to have your brakes working properly, and have them checked before heading on the road.

 If you notice any unusual sounds, experience grabbing or your pedal is soft or hard and resistant, get this looked by your professional mechanic. Make sure to make your pet mechanic for your car maintenance, as he will be well aware of your car.

  • Battery: The hot temperature can be detrimental to the battery so you must keep the battery terminal components clean in order to avoid any performance difficulties.


  • Hoses/Belts: Hose cracks and belt snaps can leave you on the side of the road. So, avoid the situation by having hoses and belts checked.


  • Filters: Replace filters (air, cabin air, fuel, etc.) to help your engine perform its best. Also,  car Engine Filter replacement reduces poor fuel economy. Also, breathe easier on those long summer road trips.


  • Fluids: Oil, power steering, coolant, brake, windshield washer, transmission, etc needs to be inspected properly to make sure they have the relevant color and at an accurate level.


  • Wipers: You must have wiper blades to do the job to cut through all the rain you can see. If you haven’t replaced them since winter, now is the time to visit your mechanic as they may have developed cracks and tears in winters.


Further, having a Porsche technician will be great as you also need to inspect to keep the A/C functioning at optimum performance. So, here are the things you need to make sure to make your car AC works properly.


  • Hoses, valves & pumps: These must be properly lubricated in order to make your car AC work properly. For that, you need to visit your mechanic.


  • Evaporator, condenser & compressor: The A/C components like  Evaporator, condenser & compressor are prone to wear and tear and proper protection is required and to do so regular servicing from a qualified Porsche mechanic is required.


  • Refrigerant level: You need to check the refrigerant level to know it requires replacement or not. You can check this on your own as if your A/C is super cool, then your refrigerant level is fine and if it is not, then you may have a leak. 


  • Radiator: The airflow around the radiator and the radiator cap should be examined for cracks.


In addition to this, you must make sure your car engine is working fine. If it is not, your car check engine light will turn on, and you need to visit your mechanic to repair it out. Also, makes sure Car Engine Filters are working properly and do not require Car Engine Filters replacement.


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