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What are the risks of commercial rug cleaning?

When commercial rug cleaners are requested, commercial rugs should be washed with commercial equipment and commercial solutions.
Commercial rug cleaning services may not remove all stains and may damage rugs if using incorrect methods or chemicals.
Rug manufacturers recommend the use of professional and experienced commercial rug cleaners for commercial rugs because they know how to minimize Commercial rug cleaning risks.

Some problems associated with improperly cleaned commercial rugs include:

  • Residue is left behind after shampooing, which can attract dirt and cause a permanent dirty look.
  • Shampoo residue will dull pile luster after time.
  • Odors may linger long after professional steam extraction is performed.
  • Excessive heat during hot water extraction can change the appearance of the fiber especially commercial nylon rugs.
  • Greening occurs when commercial rug is exposed to cleaning agents containing sodium hypochlorite. This reaction may leave a green or yellow stain on commercial rug fiber once dry.
  • ¬†Unbalanced pH can cause permanent damage to commercial rug fiber color and make commercial stains more difficult to remove in the future.

Safer commercial rug cleaning can be achieved by maintaining balanced pH levels within commercial rugs through proper pre-treatment, equipment filtration, and spot removal (if necessary).

The quality of water used for steam extraction should be tested every time before performing professional commercial rug cleaning services. Commercial rugs should also be vacuumed prior to providing commercial rug cleaning services. Once it has been determined that commercial rug cleaning services are needed commercial rugs should be cleaned on a schedule of once or twice per year.

Hiring commercial rug cleaners is right for your business?

Always look for a rug cleaner who knows their way around commercial rugs. Do your research and you’ll find the perfect person to give your rugs the attention they need.

Rug cleaning can be an expensive process, but it does not have to cost a lot of money when you hire a professional company that specializes in commercial rug cleaning. In commercial buildings, where there is a lot of foot traffic as well as spills and spots that need to be treated from time-to-time, commercial rug cleaning can be a big part of the upkeep.

Now more than ever commercial rug cleaners are available for hire, and knowing what you want and how to choose one will go a long way to improving the look and feel of your commercial building. The first thing commercial building owners need to do is decide where they want commercial rug cleaning done, and then find a commercial company that can provide this service for them.


How commercial companies select commercial rug cleaners

There are many commercial rug cleaning services available in almost every city, but it is important that commercial building owners select commercial rug cleaners that can fit their needs, as well as the needs of the commercial area they need cleaned. There are commercial companies available for hire who will offer commercial rug cleaning services on an ongoing basis to businesses with commercial buildings, and there are other commercial companies who do commercial rug cleaning on an as needed basis.

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