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What are Chimney Balloons, and How Do They Work?

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What are Chimney Balloons, and how do they work?


What is a Chimney Balloon?


Chimney Balloons have come into effect after being accredited by VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target). It is the same standard energy that provides energy credits to installers and standby power-saving switches in your home. In this article, we are dealing with a couple of ways to install these chimney balloons. 


Chimney Balloons


A chimney balloon is an inflated balloon inserted upon an open flow chimney flue to block the air passage up or down the chimney. The only disadvantage that has come across is that it can get deflated and might need replacements regularly. It can easily be understood as a plastic covering or balloon to block chimneys from any passage of hot or cold air.


Chimney Sheet


Chimney sheet is another well-versed convenient option made of a pad of wool or cloth available in various sizes as per the different sizes of chimneys available, inserted in the chimney for the same reason, i.e., to stop the passage of air or airflow through it. 


Opting for either option is removable from the chimney if you want to use the chimney in winters to use fire. Both options conveniently seal the hot air passage through your chimney and warm up your house, along with providing a shield from flies. 


Seal It Completely


 If you wish not to use your chimney any further by using bricks at both the bottom and top, you can permanently seal your chimneys. Many people consider their open chimneys to add to the beauty of their homes and add to the ambiance of cracking fire. But if you plan to stop a passage of hot air completely without any considerations, a chimney balloon or a chimney sheet is an optimal option for you. 


How to get a chimney balloon or a chimney sheet?


If you plan to get a chimney balloon or chimney installed, look forward to a local installer and can also register them to come to your place and install a chimney balloon. It is entirely free and can be a savior from the heat draughts. 


There is a guide video if you are looking forward to installing a chimney sheet or chimney balloons yourself to assist you at each step precisely in a cost-effective way. Here is the link: https://cleverlysolved.com/products/chimney-balloon/?v=c65242dc6c2c


Does Chimney Balloon work?


The plastic-formed chimney balloons are effective in stopping hot air passage or flies to your home. It does not only protect your home from invading heat and soaring temperatures but reduces your draughts effectively.


Other Advantages of Chimney Balloons


Besides keeping your house safe from the hot air, chimney balloons have some more added advantage which keeps your comfort levels going. Primarily, it keeps a check on your electricity bills, putting a convenient hand on your pockets. Secondly, it stops drafts making a noticeable saving on your energy. Lastly, it is also an advantageous contributor in cutting off the critters from any unwanted guests like raccoons, birds, or animals. 

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