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Water Dispenser

Water Simplified-“Kul” Water Dispenser

The Greatest Thing to Happen to Water – “Kul” Water Dispenser

The “Kul” water dispenser is the easiest hydration solution for all households. The “Kul” gives you instant access to your ideal water temperature, be it hot, cold, ambient or even sparkling. The “Kul” water dispenser is a one-stop shop for getting healthier for your entire family. The advanced technology in the “Kul” filters gives them the ability to filter through 80+ harmful components in water. These components range from harsh chemicals like chlorine to waterborne parasites. It even filters out pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. The “Kul” water dispenser filter technology uses active natural ingredients as well to create activated carbon. This helps the “Kul” also filter out pesticides and other contaminants like asbestos particles and more.

Water Done Right, “Kul” Water Dispenser

The “Kul” water dispenser comes with advanced smart dispensing technology as well as a touch screen display that gives you access to all your temperature settings. while also monitoring your filter status as well as your CO2 levels to ensure you are always ahead of any future upkeep requirements. The “Kul” ecosystem is all-encompassing; it is a one-stop solution for any replacement components needed. It’s all shipped directly to your door for a truly seamless process. The “Kul” water dispenser also has a built-in hygienic faucet that can be removed and washed easily. It is even dishwasher safe. The entire system has easy access doors for both the filter as well as the CO2 canister to be easily replaced with an easy twist and remove feature. New filters and canisters can be twisted back into place and locked to make the entire process possible in a matter of seconds.

The “Kul” water dispenser can be connected in two simple steps. It can be connected to your existing water outlet or be used with a sidekick reservoir that can be filled up and attached to the “Kul”. As a result, it is the ideal hydration option for all areas of your home, including the kitchen and even the home gym. The variations of technology that have been used in the “Kul” set it apart from all the competition. Being designed, engineered, and assembled all in the U.S. with only the best components ensures world-class build quality and a long-lasting water companion.

The “Kul” water dispenser helps reduce your carbon footprint as well. The “Kul” comes with a power saving mode that adapts to your schedule and goes into sleep mode when not in use to conserve more power. The “Kul” water dispenser mitigates the need for single-use plastic bottles, which are amongst the greatest contributors to global pollution. The ironic bit is that it takes around 3 liters of water to create a bottle of water that can hold only 1 liter. The oil needed to create these plastic bottles can range from 1.5 million to 2 million barrels in the U.S. alone. The addition of these bottles then being delivered by trucks and, after a single use, being tossed into the garbage makes the situation way more grim. Only about 10% of all bottles ever make it to the recycling center, irrespective of what bin you throw them into.

Help yourself by helping the earth and switch to a more sustainable hydration solution today.

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