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A lot of people don’t know much about the food industry. When someone uses terms like design and development with food, they will find it interesting and want to learn more. Food product development in UK is a real concept. Like every other industry, the consumers of the food industry also have some expectations. 

Food is a product that must have certain qualities and these qualities also include environmental friendliness and aesthetic appearance. Food product design is an amalgamation of the following: 

  • Technology and engineering research 
  • Consumer and market research

Food product development is a process that involves consumer researchers, marketers and engineers.   

  • The consumer researcher works on the relationship between the product and the consumer in the food product development process.
  • The market researcher works on product marketing and distribution. 
  • Food technologists and engineers work together on the product design and methods for physical distribution.   
  • The product designer works to design a holistic product by researching the cultural and social backgrounds.  

All of them have important roles to play right from the beginning of product development. As they work together and product development progresses, they get a better understanding of the product design, production and marketing with the consumer’s expectations in mind. They also consider the consumers’ behaviours.

There are some product design specifications in place for product cost, aesthetics, performance and functions. The product design should be according to these requirements as well.   

When it comes to food product development in UK, product designers develop a concept. Marketers and consumer researchers develop a concept. Engineers and technologists develop specifications for product design. 

This is a complicated process. This is the reason why people in this business often rely on experts for food product development in UK.

The following are the areas included in building the product design concept: 

  • Consumer needs identification 
  • Competitive product analysis 
  • Target product brief establishment 
  • Concept generation 
  • Selection of the concept 

A team works on the project to build consumers’ needs into the product brief. The team also studies the existing competition in the market. The product concept evolves into product descriptions that are more specific and detailed. Specifications control the production and product proposition.

There are several layers of a product. These layers are built as the process progresses. In the end, the result is the basic functional product of the company, total company product and the consumer’s product. These are food product’s three layers and these layers interact. This involves groups of people including marketers, technologists, product designers and consumers. 

When it comes to product research, the team needs to identify product morphology, product categories, product benefits and product profile.  

Product morphology is breaking down the food product into specific attributes. Product characteristics are for the product identification to consumers, market and the company. Product benefits are the characteristics of the product highlighting the importance of the product to the consumer. These benefits include psychological benefits, use benefits, package benefits and basic product benefits. Product profile is the product’s fingerprint. It puts the product into a category.

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