Different Types of Oil and Gas Transporting Pipelines

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For mining natural gas and oil, proper pipeline infrastructure is required. To supply or transport the gas and oil from one place to another, pipeline plays the most crucial role. Pipeline infrastructure building is an art. It has to be designed or visualized properly. Then, it needs to be transformed into reality. For different purposes, different pipes are used. Knowing specifications of the pipes is important. At the same time, it is important to know the types of the pipes at a In the following section, you shall get a complete guidance in this regard.

Categories of the Oil and Gas Pipes

Gas and oil pipelines can be divided into three major categories. These categories are given in the following section.

  • Transportation pipelines
  • Gathering pipelines
  • Distribution pipelines

These are the basic three categories of the pipelines for oil and gas. In gas or oil mining center or distribution center or refinery, pipeline infrastructure has to be crafted with perfection. Fault in pipeline infrastructure can enhance the risk of hazards. In the following section, you shall find detailed information on different types of pipes. For gas pipeline report, it is important to know about different pipelines.

Gathering Pipeline

Gather pipes are recognized by their short length and small diameter. Gather pipes are found at the mining hubs. With these pipes, gas and oil have been collected. Then, they are transported to primary gather reservoir. From reservoir, oil and gas have been channelized to go to the processing hub and refineries. So, gathering pipes are the most basic pipes for the transportation of gas and oil. In such pipes, variable pressure or gas and oil can be noted. When gas and oil are collected from the source, variable pressure is a common thing.

Transportation Pipes

The main thing about these pipes is the length. You shall find that the pipes are long. They are used for transporting the crude oil or natural gas from the mine to the refinery. From refinery, they are needed to be transported to the distribution centers. These pipes have been designed to deal with high pressure of fluid or gas. They walls of the pipes are recognized as sturdy. These pipes are designed to bear with pressure level at 200 to 5000 psi. Safety is the most important thing with such pipeline, and thus it needs regular maintenance. If maintenance is ignored, leakage may occur. Due to leakage, major accidents or hazards can happen.

Distribution Pipeline

Distribution pipelines are installed between the refinery and distribution hub. From refinery, the natural resource goes to the distribution tank. From there, it is supplied to various houses or commercial places. Distribution pipes come with medium length and small diameter. The size of diameter is larger than the gathering pipe.

When you check pipeline reports, you shall come to know about all these pipes. Knowing them is a basic knowledge. Preparing the reports and documents for the pipeline projects is also a crucial thing. Proper methods are needed to be followed for accomplishing the tasks.

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