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Truck Driver Safety Improvement & Reduce Workers Compensation Cost Using On-Lift Air Powered Landing Gear

Needless to mention, the trucking industry in the US has formed an important part, and at the same time it suffers from a large number of driver injuries, therefore, it increases the workers compensation cost. In accordance with the Bureau of Labour Statistics, United States, the trucking industry in the US had employers’ injury of different types of 30 percent compared to other industries in the country.

So it is time to embrace the technology of air-powered landing gear automation for the purpose of truck driver safety improvement. It goes without saying that fleets from all around the world invest a huge amount of money, energy, efficiency and time on promoting safety, but the real-life scenario is that – nothing can be occurred or improved – making it quite a task to purchase or to invest in some new safety measures in the time everything seems good.

Why On-Lift Landing Gear Automation System?

The landing gear automation system not only improves productivity and eliminates injuries but also reduces workers compensation. The best thing is – it is capable of raising and lowering the fully loaded trailers in less than 10-seconds.As you know that cranking the landing gear on trailers is a day-to-day job for drivers. It can cause severe back and shoulder pain, and other injuries if done improperly.

Now the question is – what is the best alternative way to reduce strains and injuries? The answer is simple! Using air-powered landing gear automation offered by PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC. PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC offers On-Lift air powered landing gear automation 2000 and 2000HD, good for truck driver safety improvement, improving productivity, eliminating driver injuries and at the same time reducing workers compensation costs.

The next best thing is – the air supply comes directly from the existing emergency air brake line, and there is virtually no upkeep is needed. The air power is delivered from the emergency brake system, so no other additional power is required to run these landing gears. So the benefits of using On-lift landing gear automation 2000 and 2000HD are undeniable!

On-lift landing gear automation 2000 and 2000HD removes the need for drivers to crank trailer legs into position. These two highly advanced air-powered landing gears are beyond doubt the most effective as well as reliable patented landing gear automation system in the present trucking industry in the US.

Finishing Lines

The use and upkeep of manual landing gears are very, very risky as well as troublesome, due to the reasons to make the application easier advanced technology produced by PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC. These air-powered landing gear automaton systems are best for the truck or trailer industry. Needless to mention, anything automatic can reduce the workload, so the landing gears, like On-lift 2000 and on-lift 2000 HD produced by PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC, are also no exception to that, which is beyond doubt second to none for truck driver safety improvement.

Patriot Lift Company is the world leader in air-powered landing gear automation. In 2017, OSHA has recognized this advanced air-powered landing gear technology as the best and safest for the truck driver safety improvement and in reducing injuries over manually raising and lowering the landing gear.

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