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Trendy Home Additions Ideas For Your Bethesda Maryland Dream House

Home Additions Bethesda Maryland
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The kitchen and bathroom are the most important- and the most used- area in your home. An outdated or uninviting kitchen and bathroom may prevent you to use such an important area of your house. On the other hand, an appealing house will all contemporary home additions in Bethesda Maryland will become an enjoyable place to gather the family and spend some good memories together.

Get ready to enhance your home with our tips for kitchen and bath remodeling services.

Kitchen remodeling tips

A well-planned kitchen remodels can transform your kitchen into an inviting cooking space and become the centerpiece of your home. The kitchen is not only the heart but also the soul of your home, so when it’s not meeting your needs, it can then affect the enjoyment of your house. Whether you need to overhaul your outdated kitchen design, reconfigure the layout, or simply change a few key details, getting the recommendations of expert kitchen remodeling contractors can make you fall in love with your kitchen.

Below mentioned are some kitchen addition trends which you can consider to increase your home’s resale value.

  • Pops of different color

The kitchen is mainly preferred to keep sophisticated with colors like white. But the coming era is indicating some new changes as some bits of eye-soothing color popping up in the kitchen. You can install a color backsplash to brighten up the kitchen space.

  • Marble, Granite countertops

Both marble and granite making their way into more and more kitchen countertop spaces and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping- and there’s no surprise why. Marble is durable, heat resistant and affordable than any other countertop material.

  • Matte cabinets

Matte cabinets and other appliances complement the décor of the kitchen. And the best part is: they don’t the marks of fingerprints easily. And their presence is going to stick around for a long time, so they won’t look outdated so soon.

Bath remodeling additions

If you’re thinking of doing a bathroom remodel, get inspired by these bathroom design trends for 2020. The below-mentioned bathroom remodels trends will last for long years and will help increase the overall value of your home while letting you enjoy your personal space with proper hygiene.

  • Add wooden elements

Wooden work in the bathroom is quite trendy these days as it warms up the room, make the space cozy and look inviting. Incorporate some woodwork in your shower area to make your bathroom look inviting and modern as well.

  • Statement tiles

Choose tiles that won’t get fade with the splash of water as it will look so odd. If you like to go with bright and bold, this is the time to bring that into the wall and floor surface. Patterned tiles, honeycomb tiles in varying patterns and color options, intricate designs, fish scale tile are all available to suit your requirements.

Whether you are planning for a major kitchen and bath remodeling Bethesda Maryland or simply updating a few or add new additions, an experienced home remodels contractor can help you design your dream home that matches your personality.

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