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Transform Your Medical Waste into Eco-Friendly Waste

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Waste management is one of the blazing issues in the current scenario. Countries like the US, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Canada are some of the bigger waste generators of the world. There have been higher proportions of metal, plastic, solid municipal waste along with an equal proportion of medical waste. When it comes to counting the most hazardous wastes in the world, medical waste is no exception. Amidst the already going COVID-19 situation, an increase in medical waste is guaranteed. Since medical waste is increasing at an alarming rate, each country is looking for an easy medical waste disposal solution.

According to a recent report, the medical waste generation around the US was recorded at 5.9 million tons of waste every year. Each of the medical waste generating countries has its plans to get rid of this difficult situation. But the point is to not get rid of it but to make most of the situation. It is the need of the hour to convert the virus-laden syringes into productive metals. As they say, someone’s trash is another’s treasure. The waste which seems waste or trash to one person may appeal to the other person. With little innovation and the right methods, it is easy to convert medical waste into productive materials.

Renewable energy methods

The medical waste disposal process should be conducted in near proximities of the hospital as it is hazardous for the environment as well as public health. Therefore onsite waste disposal solutions are recommended over off-site methods. But over this, more important is what kind of method we are going to use. Converting medical waste into inert waste in a clean manner and the most eco-friendly way has become one of the greatest challenges for disposing of companies.

Gasification is one of the safest and famous methods of treating medical waste. It is the process of breaking down medical waste by putting it into gas chambers and makes it go through a highly powered filtration process. The residue left after the gasification process can be used as a fertilizer. As the gasification process can support almost all combustible substances, it is the most preferred method over traditional methods of medical waste disposal. Treating medical waste under this method will not only be economical for the hospital authorities but also useful for generating value-added by-products.

Eco-Friendly methods

Transforming your medical waste into eco-friendly waste follows a basic approach of 3 R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. However, medical waste recycling is subject to strict medical restrictions, and direct land-fill is prohibited. The most popular methods like incineration are a quick fix solution for medical waste disposal but prove to be costlier to the health authorities. Whereas the microwave method of waste disposal treatment has proved to be one of the cleanest, green, and cost-saving methods of recycling. These methods will not only save your cost but also protect the environment from getting destroyed.


The renewable energy solutions and eco-friendly methods convert the medical waste into normal waste which can be reused in heavy energy industries. Recycled waste due to its dry nature, possesses high calorific value, and serve as an excellent source of thermal energy. It is interesting to see that these economically viable methods which carry low value have proved to be an important raw material for thermal industries. With zero production cost, medical waste continues to be proving an efficient source of raw material that is feasible and economically cheaper.


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