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Top Trends That Are Being Followed In E-commerce Currently

We all know that the e-commerce market is getting competitive with each passing day. Surviving this competition is very difficult for new businesses. But still, they can make a mark if following the latest trends constantly.

For example, if your competitors are using custom magnetic boxes for packaging a similar product, you should just change their graphics.

No matter how good your inventory is, if you are not keeping up with the trends, there are chances that you can have a setback. Following these trends can ensure your business’s future success. Additionally, you need to monitor these trends carefully and adopt the time to take full advantage of them. This technique will help you stay ahead of your completion in online sales.

Plus, with platforms like Shopify, businesses can easily connect their online stores with social media so people can shop directly through social media.

Current Trends That You Need to Follow

Here in this article, we are going to mention top trends that are being followed in the E-commerce market nowadays.

The Growth of Online Sales Is Drastically Increasing

The rapid growth of online shopping in the last three years has shocked everyone due to the pandemic. According to a study, e-Commerce sales are projected to increase more than 25% every year. That makes it a growth market of 5 trillion in recent years.

This rapid growth has different factors that include COVID-19 Pandemic, Vast variety, and of course, level of comfort. It has forced sellers to make their online shopping experience better and build trust between brand and buyer.

Mobile Shopping Apps

It is another factor that has pitched in the growth of online shopping. Every business has its own mobile shopping app. Instead of going through the physical store, customers prefer to look at the item online on mobile apps. That means that everyone is following this trend and trying to make their mobile shopping app as user-friendly as it can be. The stats confirm that this year, the companies have earned two trillion dollars through online shopping made from online mobile apps.

Mobile devices are portable and can be taken everywhere. That means you can go through different stores anywhere anytime. As the customers’ trust is shifting toward online shopping, they feel way more comfortable shopping on mobile than going to the store.

Young Consumer Attraction

Following new trends is following the youth. This age group is constantly coming up with new trends every single day. Some of them become popular and others not that much. It is advised to follow all these new trends that youngsters follow today. The reason is that 80% of online consumers lie in that age group.

The growth of online shopping is quite muted in the age group above 45. So, if you want to grow your business online, it is a smart choice to follow what youngsters like these days. It means that you have to take advantage of social media channels as much as you can.

Custom Packaging

Another big trend that online shopping stores have to follow is to provide options for custom packaging. Those e-commerce stores that allow the consumer to get their item in custom packaging boxes have seen a drastic boom in their sales.

Custom packaging has various aspects that a consumer likes. They can be ordering a gift for a special one and get it wrapped in custom packaging that represents something. So, allowing your customers to choose custom packaging boxes for what they are buying is a huge marketing strategy. No, they are looking for a gift for an anniversary, or someone special birthday is coming. Custom packaging covers all niches.

The Evolving Role of Social Media in E-commerce

The number of online shoppers on social media is also growing rapidly in recent years. With the advent of the buy button on different social media like Facebook and Instagram Checkout. This way, social media is playing an important role in e-commerce sales growth. social media has changed our daily lives drastically, including the way we shop in the past.

It is a great opportunity for different brands to start thinking about the way they can improve their social media presence for possible consumers. Therefore, we consider it a great platform for new brands to be found. As consumers spend a hell of a time on different types of social media channels, e-commerce companies may seek help from influencers to increase their chances to reach a targeted audience for their products.

These social channels act as a platform of inspiration for new businesses that people find by browsing their social feeds. As social media becomes the most familiar part of our daily life routine, its impact on e-commerce shopping online trends will only increase in the future. That is why brands must approach their social media strategists to keep customer interests in mind.

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