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Top Holiday Experiences To Remember

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If you want to top holiday experiences to remember then Holiday senses can provide top holiday experiences to remember for you when you traveling.

The way you live and experience your holidays in Portugal or Spain is a very personal thing. So we try to find the best sensations available in Portugal and Spain for your tastes and likes, for that lifestyle you are looking for. Amongst the many activities we provide we are quite sure that there are those provided personally for you (with that special local guide if desired).

About Holiday Senses

Our Goal

Knowing that what you live and experience in your travels makes all the difference in how you remember it, us at Holiday Senses have the goal to provide travelers with the best time of their lives, offering compelling Sensations tailored to their lifestyle.

We aim at having a great variety of Sensations to choose for and offer in advance what we find will be important for you. Meanwhile we focous on geting a background on our Sensations.

What we Are

Holiday Senses was found by a IT engeneer and travel enthusiast, that has traveled trough four continents (missing Oceania). Trough his travels he allways had the pleasure of knowing a local resident to show him around and get the feel of the local culture.

However and knowing that this is not the case most of the times, we at Holiday Senses aim at closing that gap for you. We make our best to find that special host and guide that speak the language you expect.

But if you are not coming from abroad we are positive you will definitly enjoy it too.

Terms of Service

This Contract for the Provision of Services (the “Contract”) stipulates the legally-binding terms between you (the “User”) and Holiday Senses Sensations, Lda., a Portuguese company with Tax and Register Number 514587806, registered in the Commercial Registry of Portugal having its headquarters at Rua Dom Afonso de Albuquerque, nr. 200, R/C, 2765-515 Estoril, Portugal and the e-mail address [email protected] for contact purposes (“Holiday Senses”), which operates under the platform of its property hosted at the URL (the “Marketplace”).

Holiday Senses Sensations, Lda. holds an office at SBA Office Center, Rua Fialho de Almeida nº 14 2º Esq. – Esc. BF3, 1070-129 Avenidas Novas, Lisboa and its registered in the Tourism of Portugal as a Travel and Tourism Agency with register number (RNAVT) 7721.

The Marketplace is designed for the publication, consultation and reservation of all kinds of leisure activities (the “Sensations” or “Sensation Activities”).

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