Top Benefits Of Partnering A Business Energy Services Provider Offering Holistic Solutions

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Want to save hundreds or thousands of pounds on your business energy bills but don’t know where to start? Each year, businesses in the UK waste millions of pounds by not implementing the best energy-saving strategies or by not getting the best tariffs. In this scenario, partnering with a trusted services provider offering a comprehensive range of business energy solutions can help organisations reduce consumption, pay less for energy, meet compliance requirements and save money.

Help For Making Energy Switch

The first step to reducing energy costs is undertaking a business energy review of your current consumption patterns and costs. After conducting a business energy survey, you may want to consider switching your business energy supplier. However, making a business energy switch is easier said than done due to contract restrictions and the arduous task of comparing the prices of different suppliers. A business energy service provider can help by conducting a business energy audit, providing access to the full energy market and securing a contract that’s right for your business.

Business Energy Review

Assistance For Building Energy Efficient Infrastructure

The work of a business energy services provider does not end with helping clients make a business energy switch to access the best price energy. The best service providers support clients to build energy-efficient infrastructure. From installing new meters and connections across sites to provide an on-site electric vehicle or solar charging points, they help clients effectively manage energy requirements at their premises. The premises are a single building or are spread over several locations.

Assistance For Business Energy Goal Setting

Based on a business energy review of current consumption and costs, service providers can help with goal setting for energy consumption reduction or cost reduction. Organisations that are currently without an energy strategy or are looking to update their strategy will find this service extremely useful. Service providers can monitor energy consumption regularly, identify areas of energy wastage and set up benchmarks. Service providers can help tailored strategies to achieve short term, medium-term and long term energy goals.

Support For Bill Validation

Wondering why your energy bills are unusually high? You could be overpaying for energy consumption. However, not many organisations have the time or skills to validate supplier billing invoices. Business energy services providers offer bill validation solutions for such situations. They have a team of dedicated professionals whose job it is to manage bill validation requirements. These professionals help clients by checking current and historic invoices to ensure clients are being billed accurately. Professionals also assist clients in resolving billing disputes with energy suppliers and securing refunds for wrongful billing.

Help In Meeting Compliance Obligations

Organisations in the UK have certain environmental obligations and compliance requirements - for example, businesses have to comply with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). Organisations are subject to various regulations like TM44 regulations. Some organisations have to commission a Display Energy Certificate. Partnering a business energy services provider can help businesses achieve a variety of compliances, including SECR and come in line with various requirements such as the requirements of the Climate Change Agreement.

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