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Top 5 Places You Must Visit in South Korea for a Memorable Trip

south korea tour package

South Korea is a country in East Asia that comprises the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and shares a land border with North Korea. South Korea has everything a person might want in a holiday spot. It has a rich and unique history, a beautiful culture, delicious food, friendly people, and a great tourism infrastructure. It is a diverse country, with travel attractions ranging from historic hilltop Buddhist monasteries to modern skyscrapers. Like Bulguksa Temple and the Lotte World Tower in Seoul. South Korea has one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world, a no man’s land, which is a part of a military boundary between two nations that are officially still at war. If you want to plan a trip to South Korea, go through this list of the top 5 places that you must add to your South Korea tour package:

  • Jeju Island

Jeju is a popular tourist destination with a plethora of unique attractions. It is 85 kilometres off the coast and one of the best places to visit in South Korea to experience Korea’s natural beauty. Home to fantastic white sand beaches, pine woods, volcanic craters, and lava passageways that will take your breath away. Jeju is a favourite honeymoon destination due to its romantic sunrises, sunsets and scenery. Several South Korea holiday packages have Jeju Island in the itinerary.

  • Busan

Busan, the second-largest city in Korea, is well-known for its amazing beaches, natural hot springs, and outdoor activities. Tourists visit this location to trek and see Buddhist temples nestled deep into the hills of the city, the Beomeosa Temple is the most popular among them. There are various museums and historical sites for art lovers. If you love sightseeing and relaxing, you will love this place. Before booking a South Korea package, make sure to add this place to your itinerary.

  • Seoul

The amazing blend of old and new that Seoul offers will stun and amaze you. From futuristic skyscrapers to ancient Buddhist temples and shrines. You can see it all from the top of N Seoul Tower in Namsan Park. Rich in history and culture, it is a delightful city with beautiful palaces, fine dining, and fashionable stores. You can experience Korean culture by visiting the major tourist attractions in the city. 

  • Jeonju

Jeonju, once the spiritual capital of the Joseon Dynasty, is one of the best holiday destinations in South Korea. The city has various temples and museums where you can go to know about the history and culture of the country. If you are interested in knowing about the history, then you can visit Jeonju Hanok Village, where you can see traditional homes which were built in the 20th century. While opting for a South Korea tour package, make sure to add Jeonju to your itinerary.

  • Gyeongju

This is one of the best historical destinations in South Korea. In ancient times, Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla Kingdom. It is an over thousand years old city and there are many cultural,  historical sites and ruins dating back to ancient times. This place provides an insight into South Korea’s cultural origins, with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bulguksa temple, and the National Museum, which has an extraordinary collection of art. If you want to know about the history and culture of the country in detail, then this place is a must-visit during your South Korea trip.

These are some of the best places to visit in South Korea to have a perfect holiday. The perfect blend of rich history and culture with futuristic modernity, South Korea is a must-visit country. In addition to historic and cultural sights, and unique buildings and structures, there are amazing restaurants that serve delicious food and the best places to shop throughout the country. Plan a holiday to South Korea and don’t forget to add these to your itinerary for the South Korea holiday package.

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