Top 4 Educational Technologies in Classrooms for Getting More Information

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Today students cannot be taught in the classical way by using blackboards or whiteboards, books, notebooks and pens, because the world now needs the smartest leaders or employees in future. It won’t need employees who should be given all guidelines all day long.
Therefore, to make the kids of today smart and sharp, there is requirement to teach them through technology by engaging them in practical work in a very creative way.

Today there are many technologies and application software that make teaching and learning attractive and engaging the most. Unfortunately, many schools and teachers are not using them, but if you are one of those teachers who really want to open the minds of their students, then you should bring the following in your classrooms:

  • YouTube Videos:
    Children learn more from sight than listening. Therefore, they forget the lectures of circulatory, but they don’t forget the story of Lara Croft. Thus, to make them remember how heart works, you can show them YouTube videos regarding it.
    There are many channels on YouTube like Mayo-clinic, NASA, and National Geographic. In the same way there are so many pages on Facebook regarding it like What If, Science Alert, Hashem Al-Ghaili and many others which teachers can open on their tabs or android phones and show to it to all students in their free time.
    These videos clear their concepts and they don’t need to memorize them.
    So, make the class an interest binding; yet, learning theater.
  • Science Games:
    There are so many games on Google Play regarding Science and technology which teachers can make them play to let them understand what an atom truly means or how the organs works. You can download these games on your phones and give chance every kid to play them during breaks on when you are teaching. And the other way is, you can connect your phone to projector and play it by yourselves and let the children to see it on their phones.
    The games you can install are acceleratAR, Collins Bird Guide, Bio Blox and many others.
  • 3D Technology:
    Kids want to do everything by themselves. They like to construct building when they see the builders working under the sun’s scorching beam. In the same way they are eager to work in offices when they see the professionals in movies typing so fast or moving around in coat pants on the tiled floors. Therefore, it is better to engage the toddlers in the tasks through 3D technology.
    3D technology gives them platform to make the cars by themselves and let them think how the cars are actually made.
    It is difficult for teachers to introduce this technology in their classrooms, so you can go at any place or institute to let them learn by themselves how to create any game or toy.
  • Discussion:
    Instead of discussion with class mates only at classes, the two can discuss on Google classrooms to remain connected.
    This technology can keep all of them connected. And the more connected and bonding result in good friendship. And good friendship between a teacher and a student results in the classroom of learners who are eager to learn anything with cooperation and tolerance.

The world is changing, therefore it is required to teach them in different way, in a way that would able them to design, to create and to make anything by themselves. They would not need the dissertation help in writing or engineer help in creating a robot.
To make them leaders of themselves, we need to change our classrooms, we need to change our methods of teaching. Change the glasses, change the perspective.


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