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Top 2 Ways To Create Free Hip Hop Beats

For the success of any song, the music beats matter the most. Every experienced artist, whether it’s a rapper or a singer, always focuses on creating enjoyable beats. However, it is not as easy as it looks. Professional music creators use expensive software and instruments to generate hit beats. But for newcomers, it might not be possible to spend that much on music production. That’s why for all new hip hop artists below we have given the top two ways to get awesome beats for “FREE”. Let’s start your musical journey:

Create Beats Online

We know the first thing that strikes your head is: can we Create beats online for free? Of course, my dear friend, you can do that. Making music online may seem like a tough job, but it’s not. Many online websites like Snapjam offer you the facility to Create beats online by yourself. They don’t charge you a single penny.

For new artists, this is a golden chance to make their music go viral. Using such websites to create your beat is very simple and less time-consuming. Also, the features you’ll get on a free Hip hop beat maker tool are pretty amazing. These websites and tools are the best gifts for those who are passionate about but have limited resources. Besides, if you don’t want to create beats yourself, then the next techniques would be perfect for you. 


We all are aware of YouTube. This platform has changed the lives of so many independent artists. Coming on the point, how can you get free hip hop beats using YouTube? Most of you might not know that there are countless free beats available on YouTube. Artists post their content for free so that people like you who are searching for free music can use their beats. 

You can use these beats, but make sure when you post it on your channel, don’t forget to mention the source of that music( mention channel name in the description ). This way, you will not face any legal claims, as you have already given credit to the owner. If you don’t do so, you’ll get a copyright claim right away. However, it is always good to contact the composer or the channel owner before using their creation. Who knows, maybe you get a chance to collaborate and compose new tracks. This technique helps new artists to showcase their talent in front of the world.

Final Words

These are the top two legal ways to get free beats online. Don’t fix useless myths in your mind about creating beats online is an expensive deal. Share this blog with all your friends who are new to music and be a part of their successful future. Have a good day ahead! 

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