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Toll Free Number Has Marked a New Business Revolution

Most of the business customers and business organizations are aware of the concept of toll-free number that is quite dominant today. 800 numbers are defined as a special variety of numbers that are charged from the called party while the caller can get all his queries answered and issues resolved without any investment in the professional image. The costs incurred not only include the incoming call expenditure but also charges involved in the setup of the latest business phone channel that can route the calls to the desired destination. This is where the SMEs usually back off but the introduction of Hosted PBX systems for communication has brought about a major change especially for the SMBs.

There is no suspicion to the fact that the set of toll-free number has added new flavor to the way business firms communicate. Recently, 1 800 numbers for business have evolved as the new marketing tool. The reason behind using this number to market the products is the fact that this number acts as a powerful magnet that draws the potential users to call in and know more about the products and services offered. The free factor of the calls motivates the customers to call in and build better business relations. Moreover, these business organizations tend to offer a better reception to clients through the contemporary phone system deployed.

Recent research has stated that advertisement or business promotion tends to attract double the traffic with the introduction of toll-free number. The use of vanity number for communication raises the chances of business appraisal since it makes it easier for business customers to remember your number. So, no matter a client remembers your domain name or not, he will remember the attractive phrase that represents your number. The choice of vanity numbers however has to be made quite carefully with easy spelling, match with domain and difference from competitors.

The provision of a seamless, low-cost communication channel powered by Hosted PBX services and toll-free number allows the small and medium scale enterprises also to avail the benefits of this system. These benefits include:

Freedom from the capital and operational expenses involved in the setup of a hassle-free communication channel. No maintenance hassles since the entire IT infrastructure is located at the location of the Hosted PBX providers and they deal with its maintenance. The use of a scalable interface ensures that you can introduce changes in the existing system at a constant rate of addition. Mobility of the system ensures that you can offer your employees the freedom to perform essential business operations from no matter where you are.

The use of toll-free number has in fact brought about a major change in the telecommunication arena due to the simple fact that this number projects a professional image when it is publicized. Apart from this, the other benefit of these numbers is that if you ever shift your Virtual PBX provider, you can have your number ported to some other provider and thus, you can maintain the same number no matter where you set up your new office. The use of features like call blast, Interactive Voice Response, DID, ACD, call hunt, call forwarding, etc. is essential since it enriches the plain channel with a number of privileges that make your phone channel appear as one amongst those of the elite.

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