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Title – Here’s How Much You Get Paid After Completion of Truck Driver Training

Kw – truck driver training Edmonton

Trucking as a career is becoming popular among youth these days. Of course, this career requires sharp skills, focus and dedication but also have so many advantages. You as a trucker visit different places in your home town as well as out of town. But still, a question comes into mind: how much do you get paid as a truck driver? So, here’s how much you get paid after the completion of truck driver training.

Well, truck driving is not an easy task, especially when it comes to commercial truck driving. It requires proper training before going behind the wheel on the road. Therefore,if you are a newbie and thinking of a trucking career, you must enroll on truck driver training Edmonton to get training from highly experienced truckers and earn CDL.

How much you get paid as a truck driver?

Company Driver –

After getting training from truck driver training school Edmonton, you have two options to start your career, first is to become a Company Driver, and the second is Owner. If you join a company, then all responsibilities are of the company. They are responsible for truck maintenance, fuel, keeping the record of clients, goods uploading process, and others. You need to follow their instructions to dispatch the order to the right destination. You alsodon’t need to have your truck because the company provides it. Finally, it can say that company is liable for all expenses and responsible. So in such a way, on average, a company driver earns $23-$25/hour.

Ways to Pay an Employee –

A company has two options to pay their employee, the first is paid by miles and the second is paid by hours. If they paid by miles, then you are earning when only truck is in motion. If you are stuck in traffic, doing lunch, or staying at night during a long journey, you are not getting paid for that time.  On the other hand, if the company paid by hours, you earn every second whether the truck is in motion or not.

Owner / Operator –

On the other hand, if you start your career as an owner or operator, things change. First of all, you must have your truck so need to invest in purchasing a truck for start a career as an owner. The second thing is clients or connections in the trucking industry to get orders. Now you have complete responsibility for business, including maintenance, client connections and record-keeping, tools, fuel, backup for circumstances, etc. So in such a case, a truck owner earns on an average $45-$50/hour (including expenses).

Final Words…!!!

In the end, it can say that career as a truck driver could be the best option as the trucking industry is growing at a rapid speed. Don’t delay and start truck driver training Edmonton and wander the world with high pay.

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