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Tips To Drive Your Luxury Car Rental On Icy Roads

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It happens sometimes when, after a long, you plan to drive the car on own and on a sudden the climate plan something against your plan. What if snowstorm hits or the roads are icy- do you quit luxury car rental Langkawi for the day or wait for the conditions to improve. Frankly speaking, the driving experience you’ll get on icy roads is on the next level. But there is a need to drive responsibly.

There are ways to make your journey in icy roads safer no what how risky the road conditions are. But yes, it is also recommended that if the condition is too worse then don’t take the risk. If the journey is important, here are some valuable tips on how to minimize the risk of an accident when you’re driving on icy roads.

Tips For Driving in Snow and On Icy Road

Be Prepared

Before you get into your car, have a good mechanic check over your car rental in Langkawi and ensure the tire is ideal to drive on icy and snowy roads. Clear the windscreen for clear visibility and use dipped headlights during the daytime.

Stay Calm and drive slowly

The thumb rule for negotiating icy patches is to drive slowly. Avoid using the break frequently, instead keep the speed at a low and the steering wheel straight. Always remember that steering in the opposite direction can make your car skid. Therefore, take your foot off to the accelerator and drive with a low gear, if possible.

Always Wear seat belts

Safety always comes first. Especially in the risk-prone areas like road completely covered with snow or ice, wearing your seatbelt can save your life.

Use Anti-Lock Brakes

If you’re in skid form, and you need to stop as quickly as possible in snow or on ice, it’s time to use your car hire Langkawi Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). Mostly all new vehicles on the road today are equipped with anti-lock brakes to optimize the car’s breaking in extreme conditions.

Be vigilant with the black-ice illusion

Black ice generally encountered just before and after sunrise when there is no sun nor its rays to melt the ice. Being freezes in a transparent layer, it creates an illusion that the road is ice-free. The only way to identify the black ice illusion is to discern any shiny patch. If you see anything like this, don’t get panic, it’s just black ice, drive calmly the way you were driving.

If you follow these tips, driving car rental in snow doesn’t have to be risky as it seems. Making sure that you are your car is ready to drive on the icy road and a little safety can keep both of you safe for many icy road journeys to come.

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