Tinibees Baby Rai Pillow

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Tinibees has a wide range of baby care products. Tinibees deals with a premium baby product range, from apparel and footwear to bedding, from health and grooming to safety and travel kit. Recently Tinibees has launched a baby rai pillow. This pillow is stuffed with mustard seeds. 

What is Tinibees Baby Rai Pillow?

Tinibees baby rai pillow is just a normal pillow for babies. But instead of a normal pillow or synthetic pillow stuffing, it has mustard seeds in it. This Tinibees rai pillow for the newborn is made of soft fabric which does not harm your baby’s delicate skin (as per the company declaration). The sponge stuffed head guard keeps your baby’s head in the right position. Only the middle portion where your baby’s head will be placed is stuffed with mustard seeds.

Newborn babies have naturally flexible and soft skull bone, which helps them to squeeze through easily. Babies have two fontanelles or soft spots on their heads. The one is on the top of their head and the other one is at the back of their skull. The first one closes at around one and a half years, while the other one closes at around six months. During the initial months, there is a high chance of developing a flat skull on the back or on either side depending on the sleeping position of the baby. The main reason behind it is that during the initial growing months the baby’s skull is too flexible and soft and if she sleeps for hours on a firm surface, a flathead can be developed.

Rai pillows are meant to be soft and it can take up the shape of a baby’s head. Mustard pillows are also adaptable and adapt to the sleeping position of the baby. If your baby turns her head to the left the pillow also adapts according to that. In addition to all these, the pillow does not put any pressure on the baby’s delicate head and maintain a proper shape. It also can be used for the babies, who do not have any flathead syndrome.

This baby rai pillow has a dimension of 20 x 15 x 10 cm, it has the perfect size for your baby’s usage. This blue colour printed rai pillow for the newborn will look super cute when your baby will sleep on it. 

Features of rai pillow

  • The pillow also has a head guard on the three sides staffed with synthetic fibre. It protects your baby’s head 
  • We know that mustard seeds are a warming agent, so they prevent the baby from the normal cold.
  • Made of soft cotton fabric, this pillow gives the baby full comfort and helps her sleep tight.
  • The dimension of 20 x 15 x 10 cm makes it compact. This lightweight is super easy to carry. With a weight of 449 grams, this baby rai pillow contains 0.350 Kgs of mustard seeds
  • Staffed with mustard seeds, which prevents flat head syndrome. This blue colour pillow with cute prints will look super cute for your baby.

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