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Three Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Written by maryspark

The bathroom is no doubt the most visited part of your house. You wake every morning to see your face in the mirror and drop a load for a fresh start to a day and end every one of your days by having a relieving shower before bed.

Because you visit the place so many times yourself and often have guests going the same way, it is always a smart move to remodel your bathroom if you’re not exactly happy with it.

You can hire a professional bathroom remodeling service in Richmond TX to do all the hard work for you if you’re unwilling, but in most cases, the renovations are easy enough for you to handle yourself.

In either case, here are some of the most compelling areas to put your money into as choosing the units can be a frustrating task.


This is a very effective idea for bathrooms that are in tight spaces or have a limited floor capacity. Wall mounting your toilet seat and sink will release nearly 20 sq ft of ground space, making your bathroom look a lot spacious and easy to clean.

All in all, it is also a good idea for bathrooms that are already quite open, there is never any harm in having more space. Wall-mounting the bathroom units also give your bathroom a modern look that is tidy and breathable.


If there is one thing that you want to invest in your bathroom, it is always vanity. It gives you the utility to store every type of essential at an arm’s length, while it also adds a fair share of beauty to the overall setting of your bathroom.

Now getting modern and branded vanities don’t come short of a hefty price tag, but you can always get yourself a good unit from second-hand shops or utilizing one of your old dressing tables for the chore.

You can make a hole through the top for the sink and have the style of your antique dressing table right where you want it.


Now that the utilities are aside, you might want to think about how you can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom before hiring a bathroom remodeling company.

There are many ways you can go forward with this like painting, lighting, adding plants, etc. But it all comes down to how much of a budget you have dedicated to the task.

Repainting your bathroom is not going to be expensive at all, and neither is adding warm lighting to it, but if you want to get tiles that match everything else, well you’ll have to stretch out your budget a little for that.


Investing in the remodeling of your bathroom always comes around in the increased value of your house, it is never a wasted investment.

It also gives you the confidence to house more parties at your place as you have a personalized and aesthetically pleasing bathroom in case the guests have to go.

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