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Thirst, Belief, and Motherhood. The Relinquish Tale of ZamZam

Thirst, Belief, and Motherhood. The Relinquish Tale of ZamZam
Written by aafiak

If we look at the history of Islam and the sacrifices, we will come to know that the sacrifice here is state of gifting the dearest thing to others. The legacy which is followed here in Islam is the inherited sacrifice of Prophets and their relatives. It seems like the concept of true sacrifice is created by the Islamic norms and traditions and this is lying in the inheritance of the religion. While we look upon the different aspects we will analyze that this whole sacrifice was to flourish in the next generations. We see one of the biggest examples from the era of Prophet Ibrahim and that example is still alive in front of all the pilgrims as they travel on Hajj and Umrah. All the blessed Muslims who will perform Hajj or Umrah 2019 will also be able to drink the water Zamzam which is the stagnant well with the rich history of sacrifice, while the history is as deep as this well is itself! While talking about the history of sacrifice in Islam and it’s rich connection with well of Zamzam, let’s start this tale of unlimited sacrifice of a mother and see how gloriously and significantly it has been preserved by Allah for the past and the coming generations.

Birth Of Ismail

For a long period of time, Sarah who was the beloved wife of Prophet Ibrahim was not able to give birth to any child. This tension was increased when Sarah realized that they both are getting older and they don’t have any child. So Sarah gave Hajar who was her slave to Hazrat Ibrahim so that he could start a family. Soon Hajar who was the second wife of Prophet Ibrahim got pregnant with the baby by and future prophet, Ismail. This was the time when Ibrahim and Sarah got pleased with the blessing of Allah.

Shifting To Mecca

Now after being blessed with the baby boy, Ibrahim along with his son and wife Hajar went to Mecca, where the actual sacrifice started where Ibrahim Obeyed the Order of Allah Almighty and left his dear ones in the baren area of Makkah where there was no food water! This was the state where Ibrahim was challenged to choose between the love of his son whom he got after so many years and the love for his Allah. This time Ibrahim choose his God Almighty and left his child along with his wife in the valley of Mecca with was just a barren land and nothing else. This state of sacrifice could be observed very closely and significantly. Only the chosen ones are able to prove themselves in such situation s we common humans are not even able to think properly!

Beginning Of The Sacrificial Tale

There Hajar even questioned Prophet Ibrahim that what she and her child will do after he will leave him. When he remained silent she asked him that is this the order by Allah Almighty? Then Ibrahim told her that yes it is the order from the Allah to leave both on this land. After this the tension of Hajar also released and she said that if it’s the order of Lord then she and her child will not be lost. Upon leaving Ibrahim left them with the leather bag of water and bag of dates. In that valley, Hajar had no one but Ismail in her hands and Allah Almighty from her help when Ibrahim left.

When Ibrahim PBUH was becoming distant from his son and his wife he looked back and said;

“O, Lord! I have settled some of my offspring in a barren valley by Your Sacred House so that they would perform the Prayer. O Lord, make the hearts of some people yearn towards them and provide them with fruits for which they would give thanks” — Ayah 37 of Surat Ibrahim

Thirst Of Hajar

As Ismail was on the feed of his mother Hajar, she drank water from the bottle Ibrahim left for her and fed her child. Eventually, the water ran out of the container and got dried up after the water was dried up Hajar became thirsty and her child also started crying with thirst and there was no sign of water left on that surface of the earth at that time. This was the time of extreme pain and suffering which was faced by a mother rather than a human being when she saw her child crying because of thirst and hunger. If it would have been about her then things won’t be that tough even giving up would have been much easier but as the question was now about the survival of her child she could not give up on him at all!

Hajar started the search f water and climbed the Safa as it was the nearest to her, she was not able to find water or anyone who could help her. She screamed and searched but there was not one present. After that, she descended the valley of safe and climbed Marwah in the search of water for her child for many times she kept on climbing from Safa to Marwa and from Marwa to Safa. On her last climb, she heard the response of the call for help and the glorious angel of Allah Jibrail came for her help and upon hitting his wing on the earth the water started coming out. The fresh and clean water came out Hajar drank the water and then fed her child. But the water was not stopping as the flow of water was enough to cause a flood, then Hajar ordered water Zomë Zomë which means stop flowing! And from that day till now people all around the world accept this miracle and come to visit this well before it was just a depiction from stone, now it has been covered and now people can take the water of Zamzam from the taps as it is still pure and fresh as It was centuries ago!

This proved the sacrifice of Hajar is still remembered and her affection as a mother is adored by all humanity after seeing the well of Zamzam. For the Muslims who already perform or is going to perform  Umrah or Hajj in 2019 will get the golden chance of tasting the Zamzam, viewing Safa and Marwa as well!

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