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The Highest Mountain Points of Morocco

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One of the North African countries, Morocco is bordered by Spain, Mauritania, Western Sahara, and Algeria. It stretches from the beautiful High Atlas Mountains to the war Sahara. Morocco is considered a highly influenced cultural country of Arab, Barber & Spanish cultures.  With the beautiful green valleys, floating rivers in different areas, traditional souks with a lot of crowds and cultural towns, Morocco make every visitor feel great while spending Morocco holidays 2019 here. From the top of Rif Mountains, Morocco looks great with its dynamic architecture of houses and palaces. Morocco is definitely becoming the Morocco most famous tourist attractions destination around the world due to its UNESCO world heritage sites. Till 2020, Morocco government has planned to make this country the world’s top tourism destination for all tourists.

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As wonderful Morocco is a land of highest series of mountains in the whole region around it. The top mountain peak in the Atlas Mountains and North Africa is Toubkal with the height of 13,671 feet above sea level. The exact location of this peak is in the Toubkal National Park which is approximately 63km in the south direction of Marrakesh. In 1923, a European climber (Marquis de Segonzac) has ascended the peak of Toubkal for the first time. Passing through the Aroumb, valleys, and floodplains, many climbers and trekkers climb this peak of the mountain with a slippery surface of rough mountains. Enjoying the beautiful sights of Muslims shrines, Sidi Chamharouch, and the ancient stone-build shelters, climbers get motivation from all these sites to hike further.

In the middle of high Atlas, Ouanoukrim is considered the second largest peak with the height of 13,415 feet. To make the formation of the three highest peaks of Atlas Range, Timzguida and Ras Ouanoukrim are somewhat still part of these heights. Without any fee or charges, the second highest mountain is open for all tourists throughout the whole year. In the summer season, a few visitors visit due to its high temperature in climate. In the plan area of this mountain, perfect camping is offered to those who get here for pleasure and adventure.

With the height of 13,356 feet, M’Goun is also included in the list of highest peak mountains of Morocco. The most accurate and prominent peak has discovered within the Draa-Tafilalet region in Morocco. With the surrounding area of Barber villages, rivers, and ski points, it is a very attractive trekking destination for visitors in their summer and winter holidays. A number of barber guides offer guidance in this area with the delicious food and traditional values.

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Earning the high revenue for the Morocco country, all the series of RIF Mountains are considered very important to protect and develop it. In cheap Morocco holidays, hill climbers and adventurers turn their selves towards these peaks to get the real pleasure of the journey. Morocco holidays 2019 will be special for the travels because it is predicted that from the start of New Year, there will be discounts in the highly advanced cities of Morocco. If you are an adventure or want to ascend any top hill of Morocco, you will have to visit in your Morocco holidays with your friends and family members who are really having nerves to do something amazing.

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