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The following is the three major action movies in 2016

If it is not a comic adapted movie, this batch of action movies released in 2016 will be one of the worst movies in recent years. Although the overall performance of the action film is better than the comedia, this type of film is not good in 2016. Our year’s best action movies include the latest “Star Wars” movie and the “accountant” in the movie of Ben Afflek 2016. Another important task of Aflek “Night Live” should not appear on the list of any awards. Disney’s “Fantasy Forest” entered the top ten with impressive CGI and real-view-of-sports special effects. Also selected, there is a classic western piece, a thriller about the Boston Marathon bombings, and the true story of the little hero of the World War II.
The following is the three major action movies in 2016, arranged in alphabetical order, but my favorite top three are “dead servants”, “American captain 3: civil war” and “Star Wars: Grand Theft I”.
Best action movie in 2016:
“Accountant” (Oct 2016) by Ben Aflek, Anna KFRK, Joen Burnez, John Lisiji and J · K · Simons starred
Synology: Christian Wolf (Aflek) is a mathematical genius, and the number is more affinity than people. Under the cover of the CPA firm in the Town, he works as a freelance accountor for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organization. With the implementation of the rule of law enforcement department led by Lei Jin (Simmus Decoration), Christie took over a legitimate customer: a state-of-the-art robot, accounting staff (KFR) found hundreds Wan Dollar entrance. But with the Christian tampering book, close to the truth, the death of the death begins to rise.
“American Captain 3: Civil War” (May 2016) by Chris Evans, Little Robert Donney, Anthony McGe, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Rener, Paul Road, Scarlett Johnson, Tang Charde, Paul Betani, Chadwick Bosman and Tom Holland starring
Plot: Milky Movie “American Captain 3: Civil War”, Steve Rogers led the newly established Avengers team to continue their efforts to protect humans. However, after another, the incident involved in the Avengers, the political pressure increased, and a member of the accountability system, which is required to establish a member of the management agency to monitor and guide the team. The new status has made the Avengers alliance, forming two camps – one is leading by Steve Rogers, he hopes that the Avengers Alliance will freely defend human beings without government intervention; the other is Tony Stark is unexpectedly supporting government supervision and accountability.
“Deadpool” (February 2016) by Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller (TJ Miller), Morena Baccarin, Briana Hill Brianna Hildebrand and Gina Carano
The story: “Dead Waste” adapted to the most special anti-hero image of the most specially in the comics, telling the story of the first special forces to become a mercenary Wilson’s story, he received a rogue laboratively obtained acceleration The ability to heal, so I chose another role “dead service”. With his new ability and black, distorted humor, the dead service hosted the person who almost ruined his life.

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