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Man has reached the moon and deep down the earth to identify the secrets beyond infinity, science and technology made it possible for humans to reach the mysteries and secrets of planet earth which are still untouched among all one isThe Kola Superdeep Borehole it is known as the world’s deepest borehole. The Soviet Union in the Pechengsky District decided to drill the deepest bore hole and the project target was to drill to the Earth’s crust, drilling began on 24th May 1970 with the help of Uralmash-4E and later the Ural mash-15000 series drilling rig was used this project was attempted to know the unknown, this ambitious projects aim was to find out the earth’s age, makeup, internal processes and to understand plate tectonics.

As of April 2019 it is  the deepest artificial point on Earth as it is 12262metersdeep( 42,230 ft.) withthe diameter of the borehole 23 centimeters, the main target was to  hit 15,000 meter deep in 1983, the drill passed 12,000m and drilling was stopped for about a year for numerous scientific and celebratory visits to the site the break period was shut off on 27 September, 1984 and after drilling to 12066 m (39,587 ft.) deep a section of the string twisted off and was left in the hole, later the drilling began again from the 7000 meters i.e. 23,000 ft. the hole reached 12,262 m ( 40230) ft. in 1989 and in that year it was expected to reach deep down  13500 m by the end of 1990 i.e.  44300 ft. and estimated 15,000m, (49,000 ft.) by the end of 1999, but drilling was stopped in 1992 as the temperature down the earth was higher than the expected.

While drilling to the earth’s mantle 6 unexpected discoveries were made

  1. Availability of lot of water down there, hot mineralized water was found almost everywhere along the drill path.
  2. The earth has gas unexpectedly helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide were found all along the borehole.
  3. No basalt was found under the granites.
  4. Fossils were found in the granites.
  5. A rumor persisted that the drilling ended in 1992 as one of the scientist pierced asuperhot cavity and heard the screams of damned souls.
  6. A new drill method of boring was invented and that system is now used to drill oil wells.

The Kola superdeep borehole project was shut down officially in 2005, the hole was closed with a metal cap welded over it and the mysteries of the unknown world remain hidden and unsolved, digging a super hole was  great idea and it could have paved way for more scientific researches and studies, USA and USSR have been competing over ages to find out who is the best and capable of exploring earths inside quickest,  race was not only for earth but the space too, Americas drilling  project was called “Project Mohole” but the project was shut off due to lack of funds.

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