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The combination of yoga surf bali is complementary

Written by Evataylor

Most of you may not associate surfing with yoga. You may think that these are two separate and distinct activities. However, surprisingly, they can be really engaging because they have a really dynamic effect over one another. Just give this thought some time. You are going to realize that the point of indulging in surfing is getting up on the board and riding the wave with a lot of ferocity. It eventually turns out that, it demands a lot of focus, lean, strong body, and very clear mind. Benefits of practicing yoga have been touted for many years now. It helps you hold the poses of strengthening, clear the head and also makes you learn on how you can breathe. It is an out-of-water ideal practice to nail rides that you may be seeking in the big blue.

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Common ideals and goals

Increasingly, the ones who practice the yoga sessions and those that surf always finds themselves with many ideas and goals in common. Both the groups that tend to do all this in a surf school Kuta gravitate towards finding peace within and also taking care of the planet. Additionally, surfers and yoga practitioners tirelessly work for taking care of the bodies so that peak health can be maintained. This is required for the respective activities. Practicing yoga at all times along with surfing promotes a healthy body. There are so many benefits of combining the two together.

Physical conditioning

While being in any yoga surf Bali camp, if you realize that your body has less core strength or power in the upper body then the combination works. You will automatically gain awareness for the body, flexibility, and balance. All these are really important even if they may not be necessary outright. They all can be really helpful for the learning process.


The main focus of practicing yoga is the breath actually. You start being conscious about that, start training it and also controlling it eventually. One of the excellent benefits of yoga to surf has to be breathing. You gain confidence to perform in a territory that is inhospitable (ocean) for doing any type of aerobic exercises.

Mental strength

Through the constant focus that one has on awareness inside, yoga makes you recognize, channel the mind’s strength and also harness it. Surfing is also a very mental activity and a skill like this can be incredibly valuable, especially because surfing is also a very mental thing. Skill is valuable incredibly especially in potential learning phase that is challenging as well.

Power to let go

Yoga has a stronghold and it teaches one to let go. It allows your mind to assume what may happen. This makes it a crucial lesson for those that are learning to surf. Surfing happens in an environment with the conditions which are beyond human’s control. Hence, the whole “mind over matter” really helps.

Surfing also helps in yoga

You get to confront fears when you surf and this shall help you find the wherewithal for pushing through.

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