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The Best Places to Visit in North India – Indiator

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Hiking and trekking is a significant aspect of a tour to India because our country has terrains that favour such thrilling activities. We at Indiator have enticing tour packages for all the major travel destinations in the country with trekking being an important part of our North India tour packages. We, at Indiator, provide customised packages so you can collaborate with us to create a tailor-made trekking package for yourself, suiting your unique travel desires. Moreover, apart from providing you with regular trekking and hiking packages to hilly terrains, we also have Rishikesh waterfall trek that will take you on a short, invigorating trek to some of the most striking waterfalls of Rishikesh, making it all the more slightly and attractive.

With so many options at your disposal, you will not fall short of hiking and trekking packages at Indiator and will easily plan your dream trekking trip.

North India is truly a blessed region as it is home to some of the most picturesque locations that are an absolute treat to the eyes and balm to the soul. Beauty resides in every nook and corner of our northern region which is why we bring to you 3 mesmerizing North Indian states that you must visit for a tour that will refuse to move out of your memories for a long-long time. So take a look at these 3 places and don’t forget to visit them whenever you plan to visit North India.

Visiting North India is a great option as the region has a number of fascinating places to explore and all of them are so diverse that all sorts of people with varying interests will be able to spot at least one place in the North that matches the idea of their perfect holiday spot. A lot of reliable travel companies provide online booking opportunities for North India tour packages. You can visit websites like Indiator, Viator, Get Your Guide, etc. to plan a tour. If you are an adventure lover, you can head to a one day trip to Ladakh. If you wish to see the Wonder of the World- Taj Mahal, then you can book an Agra tour. A spiritual person can head to Varanasi while a lover of art, history, and culture can spend a day in Jaipur or Delhi. These online service providers have detailed itineraries that will help you in making a choice and you can book a tour package with just a few clicks.

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