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For the past few years, the government of Malaysia has been very active in seeking skilled expatriates into their nation. Due to this government policy, there has been a rise in the number of international schools in Malaysia, targeting not only the ex-pat children but also the local ones.


In case if you are one of those people who are thinking about moving to Malaysia then you would be happy to know that your child will have many choices of great international schools in the country. The widest of choices are available in the capital of Kuala Lumpur where a number of great international schools have come up.


However, you have to keep in mind that all the international schools are not equally well equipped to understand the specific requirements of the children. For example, if you are shifting mid-term then your child might have a lot of difficulties fitting in and get accustomed to the syllabus. In my personal opinion, the Global Indian International School is by far the best choice of an international school in Malaysia. The most important reason is that not only this school is a great place that ensures a great academic career for your child but also believes in the multi-award-winning 9 Gems holistic educational framework that believes in the all-round growth of a child through value-based education- all in a school fees that doesn’t burn a hole in the parent’s pocket.


Not only this, they have the unique Bridge Program that helps any child who takes admission in this school in mid-term. The aim of the Bridge Program is to ensure that every child who is getting admission in the middle of the year gets proper and extra assistance to catch up with the syllabus. It ensures that a child is not lagging behind in comparison to the other classmates and also that they are feeling at home in GIIS. This kind of unique approach to helping a student is really rare in any International School of Kuala Lumpur, that too at a reasonable school fees structure.


Globally Recognized through Multiple Awards


The claim that GIIS is undoubtedly a leader in international schools is cemented by the fact that it has collected more than 140 national as well as international awards for best practices in school education.


The GIIS Classroom Experience


The Classrooms Of GIIS are not only technologically advanced, with a lot of digital aid but also global in nature because it encourages inter-country as well as intercampus knowledge exchange amongst students. The Global Indian International School understands that these kinds of collaborative projects would be extremely helpful in facilitating sharing and exchange of the best global practices.


GIIS Class Toppers – Example of the Academic Excellence of the School


Every year in the board examinations conducted by both CBSE and IGCSE, the students of GIIS do exceptionally well. The fact that they provide world toppers as well as high achievers every year, without any exception, is proof of how committed GIIS is towards educational excellence.


Frameworks that are Globally Acclaimed


The objective of the Global Indian International School is to nurture well rounded as well as global citizens of the future through the award-winning proprietary pedagogies which are:

  • Global Montessori Plus
  • Nine GemsTM holistic learning framework


These frameworks are followed in all the GIIS 21 campuses that are spread across 7 countries, including the ones in Kuala Lumpur. These frameworks are well researched and incorporate traditional learning modules with new experimental, modern pedagogies.


The Global Community Created by GIIS


Every student who studies in GIIS is given a global window through which they can correspond with students of 50 nationalities, through the help of student exchange programs as well as video conferencing


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