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Teva Provigil 100mg is a Remedy for Increased Wakefulness

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Have you ever been so tired that you drag your body around as if it is a rock?  From the minute you open your eyes you are absolutely exhausted and your first thought is “How on earth am I going to get through this day.”  Your deepest desire is to climb right back into bed and sleep for at least 2 days.

The shower does not wake you up and driving to work in the traffic is hazardous because you are still half asleep.  Two cups of coffee on arriving at work does nothing to help you feel more awake and sitting at your desk feels like an invitation to go straight back to sleep. Feeling as if you have a major hangover you switch on your computer and hope to goodness that you can stay awake.

When we are so tired we can barely function it could be that we are well on the way to full-blown burn out.  Burn out can be compared to a car that is so old and neglected, it simply ceases to function one day.  Do not allow yourself to get into this situation as it is dangerous for your physical as well as your mental well-being.

Learning when it is time to say “no” and to go on holiday or take a few days off work to rest and relax is very important.  You do not have to be a doormat because without your health you are of no use to anyone.  If your exhaustion has reached unprecedented levels you can take Provigil online.

What is Teva Provigil 100mg and How Does it Work?

Provigil online is a remedy taken by people who suffer from sleeping disorders and who find it difficult or impossible to stay awake during working hours.  Just one tablet of Teva Provigil 100mg per day will ensure that you remain focused, awake and mentally capable.

This effective remedy works by preventing the reabsorption of the brain chemical dopamine and when there is more dopamine in the brain it makes you feel more alive, alert, cognitive and motivated.  It is not only people with sleeping disorders that take Provigil online however.

Teva Provigil 100mg is extensively taken off-label by people who work in jobs that demand high levels of focus and mental acuity such as pilots, military employees and paramedics.

Precautions When Taking Teva Provigil 100mg

Do not take Provigil online if you are on other medication unless you have asked your doctor if the two medications are compatible.  Take Provigil online before you go to work or as early in the day as you can because if you take it too late you may not sleep.

Buy Teva Provigil 100mg Online and Feel the Benefits of Being Alert

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