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Symptoms for transmission problems

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Transmission system transmits the power from the engine to the driveshaft empowering the vehicle to move. As transmission system carries a number of moving parts there is always a chance for repair. Good preventative maintenance will help the transmission system to perform better and reduces the possibility of frequent repairs. Despite maintenance it is important for driver to have an eye on transmission to find out any symptoms for troubles. A good transmission service in Vegas is sufficient if the repair is detected quite early.

In this article you shall find a few symptoms to detect transmission problem in cars:


If you hear some strange noise while shifting gears you need to check the fluid level. Make sure that the fluid level is good and the color is bright red. If this is not the case then your vehicle would at least require a transmission flush.


Any burning smell coming out from your car has to be attended seriously. This may be due to the burning of transmission fluid.

Oil Leak:

If you find continuous oil leak under your vehicle check whether if it is from the transmission part. If so rush to the mechanic to avoid problems caused by low transmission oil level.

Rough shift:

When you have a bad transmission you will find a scratchy feeling such as a rough shift when switching between gears.

Gear Slipping:

Slipping of gears while on driving is an important sign for a bad transmission. Persistent slipping will lead to transmission failure. Sometimes your car may seem to move un-accelerated at times.

On finding any of the above symptoms ensuring an immediate visit to the mechanic will avert a transmission failure.


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