Spray Painting UPVC Window Gives Your House a Better Look at Low Maintenance

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The rigid PVC windows are also named uPVC windows. These are unplasticised polyvinyl choloride windows that are hard and also durable. These are long lasting materials that need little maintenance and are the right thing for your budget. They are thermal efficient and can provide sound insulation. The durability is often improved when galvanized steel is used with the frame section. These materials are used for they are low cost than aluminum, steel or timber. They also need very low maintenance and will not show signs of rotting in extreme weather.

You can change the color of UPVC doors and windows.UPVC doors and windows and door frames have long life span.UPVC is a form of plastic which is used for window frames and pipes. This type of plastic is chemical resistant. Misconception is you cannot change the color of these plastic. Replacing these UPVC window frame is more expensive than coloring it.Coloring the window with the right kind of service providers would give them a facelift that you would love. You have unlimited color choice while painting your UPVC window framers.Spray painting UPVC window using up to date spraying equipment guarantee perfect finish for the windows, doors and garage doors.

How you paint UPVC window and doors

Team from painting company visit your house and make evaluation and confirmation which UPVC doorsand windows are to painted by spray painting. The team cleans the working area and covers the floor with protective sheets.UPVC doors and windows are completely cleaned to ensure proper and perfect paint coverage and finish. Surrounding area is covered with protective film and paper from possible over spray. Multiple layers of special UPVC paint are sprayed on desired area.Painting UPVC window with modern spray technology and equipment gives desirable finish. After the completion of painting,the protective films and papers are removed.


UPVC doors and window frames have a life span of 25 years, glass windows being fragile and last for less time. Glass windows can be replaced at lower cost than PVC ones. Spray painting UPVC window protects it from UV rays and staining for another ten years. This technology gives your windows new look without replacing it – which is cost effective and hassle free. It is economical and readily available option. Spray painting gives your business and house alluring, professional look without replacing existing one with new expensive door or window.


Spray painting the windows and doors are efficient as it does not involve messing of the walls and floors.Painting UPVC window forms a molecular cross bond with plastic when applied correctly.They adhere to the surface for another ten years. The paint would not crack, peel or discolor even if it is expose to sun light. Painting your UPVC is cost effective and gives more span to UPVC frames. Painting is highly cost effective as it cost 15% of the total cost of replacing. The colors that are used dry instantly and overhaul within 24 hours. You can paint your UPVC in matt, gloss or satin – aftercontemplating colors with existing color of your home. This gives you lot of flexibility and increases your property value

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