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Zippers play a vital role in our regular life. It keeps our backpacks tightly closed, our pants up, and render us a safe shelter in the form of a camping tent. Keeping such vital importance in mind, it becomes a responsibility to pay value to zipper repair Los Angeles and never let a broken zipper ruin your day. In most of the cases, a broken, stuck or rusted zipper can be treated with DIY technique or using some household lubricant, but in technical cases where a minor repairing mistake can let you dump your favourite trouser, branded handbag, expensive camping tent in the dustbin. And doing this will hurt you.

In order to prevent you from the feeling of regret that “why did I repair the zipper when I don’t have the expertise”, you can take it the broken zipper to its repairing expert. These are the experts for whom no repairing is impossible whether it is a zipper or orthopaedic shoe repair Los Angeles in no time. If in case you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to take it to the zip repair specialist, you can repair it on your own for that time following the technique of repairing specialist and avoid some mistakes.

Repair broken slider

When a zipper pull breaks or the slider is simply worn out, don’t replace the entire zipper with a new zipper. In this case, you only need to replace the slider instead of a zipper. The slider is that portion of the zipper that moves up and downside via zipper teeth. It’s pretty easy to fix broken slider! Before you start working on repairing the slider, first determine what type and size of zipper you’ll need because the repairing procedure will differ between plastic tooth & coil zippers.

 Step to repair a zipper slider

Step 1: Place the top of the zipper on the side with the slider

Step 2: Use tweezers to remove any extra piece of the garment

Step 3: Slowly slide the zipper slider off the garment

Step 4: Use pliers to crimp the end stop of the zipper and secure it


Fortunately, broken zippers actually quite easy to fix- if you follow the expert technique exactly.

Stuck or Jammed Zippers

Stuck or jammed zippers are like a monster which keeps distracting us. These issues always seem to pop out, especially in favourable times. The good news is that they are repairable like said above that there is no zipper related problem which its specialist can’t repair. To repair the stuck or jammed repair, you’ll first need to know that it is dirt and debris lodged in the slider which hampers the smooth functioning of a zipper. So you will first need to clean and lubricate a zipper to extend the zipper’s life and prevents oxidizing and jamming.

With these easy to follow zipper repair DIY, you can at least fix the items you love to carry in your regular life. In order to avoid future zipper broken problems and find a permanent solution, take it to the zipper repair tailoring expert.

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