Some Tips To Find High-Quality Used Capsule Filling Machines

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Pharmaceutical equipment is designed with high precision in mind to produce safe and potent medicines. But this quality makes the machines costly, that’s why many small and medium production facilities prefer used equipment (like a used granulator or filler). Used equipment can be as good as new equipment if well-maintained and comes at affordable prices. This is a special boon for capsule manufacturers because capsules tend to be costlier to produce than tablets due to the various processes involved. Whether you are a DIY capsule maker or a medium-sized factory operator, you can find a high-quality used capsule filler by considering various factors like your budget and needs.

Tips To Find Used Capsule Filling Machine

Think About The Medicine Type

Pills are generally of two types; hard (two-piece) and soft (one-piece). As the name suggests, hard pills are harder than soft pills. The type of pill you need to produce depends directly on the type of medicine you want to fill it with. If you want to use liquid or gel medicines, then you need to use soft pills to encapsulate them. If you want to use powder or granules, then you need hard pills. 

You need different types of machines to create and fill soft and hard capsules. Soft capsules are usually formed during the filling process while hard capsules are formed before the filling process and filled with a different machine. You should search for a capsule machine for sale based on this.

Find A Reliable Used Machinery Provider

Even though you are investing in used machinery, you still need to ensure that the equipment you order is of high quality and meets health and safety standards. You should research reliable suppliers through various sources including the internet, brochures, acquaintances, etc. You should interview the suppliers, check their licenses/certificates and check their inventory before drafting a contract.

Know Your Budget

You need to consider your budget when looking for a filler because it’s the deciding factor in the quality and quantity of machines you can buy. Don’t put all your budget into filling machines, you need to set some budget aside for other equipment (like a used granulator), labor, utility, permits, maintenance, etc. A manual filler costs a low amount, a semi-automatic machine costs a medium amount and an automatic machine costs a high amount.

Research Models

Like with suppliers, you need to be sure that the equipment you’re buying is of high quality and will meet your needs. You should research the best models available within your budget and compare their features like dispensing speed, type of medicine they can fill, the quantity of medicine they can fill, type of capsules they are compatible with, etc. 

Check Dispensing Speed

Dispensing speed is usually the deciding factor when selecting a capsule machine for sale. The dispensing speed you need depends on the production size you need. Manual fillers produce 20 to 800 pills at a time, they are ideal for small or medium-sized production, DIY operations and making experimental samples. A semi-automatic filler can fill 10000 to 20000 pills every hour, it’s ideal for a medium-sized factory. An automatic filler can fill 12000 to 450000 pills every hour, it’s ideal for a medium or a large pharmaceutical corporation.

Check Other Features

This point applies to semi-automatic and automatic capsule fillers. Other than filling capsules, the filler may test the capsule’s quality by measuring its weight, shape, size, etc. and dispose of capsules that don’t meet the standards while dispensing those that do. This will save you time and money on separate equipment for testing, though you still need to do other quality tests. You also need to consider what type of medicine it can fill and how much it can fill per pill.

Are The Capsules Separated Or Joined

This point applies to two-piece capsules. After the shell manufacturing process, the manufacturer may deliver the capsules either separately or joined together. You need to choose a used capsule filling machine depending on how the capsules arrive. If they arrive separated, then you need to use a manual filler because semi-automatic and automatic fillers are not calibrated for separated capsules. If they arrive joined, then you should use a semi-automatic or automatic filler because manual fillers are usually not calibrated for joined capsules, though some models are.

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