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Some Facts About Microsoft SharePoint And The Migration Tool

SharePoint Migration tool

To start with, Sharepoint is not a Microsoft Database Management System, but it used to build websites.

Often it has been heard that organizations do not prefer using SharePoint because they do not find it worth investing time, money, and effort.
But, if you are thinking of adopting this solution from Microsoft, let us help you with some facts related to it, which is going to help you make an informed decision.

According to a study conducted by an independent AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), 80% of the users revealed that the reasons behind SharePoint’s failure lies on the internal problems of the company, which includes absence of expertise, proper training, lack of strategic plans, incorrect expectations and unawareness of policies.

Microsoft Database Management

Facts about SharePoint

SharePoint is not preconfigured

SharePoint is neither a CRM nor an ERP, but it is a highly customizable platform. Small and medium enterprises with less complex datasets can effectively use this economical solution for managing business processes. With proper skills sets, even a large enterprise can reap the benefits of the full range of features available in it.

SharePoint is not a Database

As already stated, though SharePoint uses SQL Server, which is a relational DBMS, it itself is not a database. Since like SQL Server, it also uses lists with columns and data types to store data, it is often confused as a relational database.

However, if the need is for simple data structure, SharePoint will surely suffice the requirements.

SharePoint needs expert solutions

This simple looking software has a lot of ingrained features which needs the touch of an expert. A non-tech person cannot configure it and will surely mess up the entire structure. For optimal utilization, SharePoint needs to be customized and supported by specialized SharePoint consultants and administrators with relevant knowledge.

Then depending on their roles in the workflow, access permission can be granted to the users. And they can make an alteration to features only if they have administrative rights to the system.

SharePoint uses company data center

As long as a company is using SharePoint on-premise, the data will be stored in the company’s data center. And it will be managed by the local IT team. However, Microsoft is working towards making SharePoint Online equivalent to SharePoint On-Premise and using the SharePoint Migration Tool, and professionals can migrate the data and files to the cloud-based solutions.

When the data is online, it is managed by Microsoft from their data center. And users with permissions can access the information stored in it with the access of the internet.

SharePoint Migration

To Conclude

Like any other software of Microsoft, SharePoint is also loaded with a lot of features and benefits. But, to use it optimally, it must be configured and set up by professionals with specialized knowledge. And a company willing to implement it should invest time and effort in training its staff, more specifically those who are Excel and emails devotees.

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