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Some Detailed and Knowledgeable Facts about the Oil and Gas Industry

The role of the oil and gas industry in the development of a country is very crucial, as the use of oil and gas is related to many other industries also. It can be considered as the biggest sector in the whole world when it comes to dollar value. With the help of the oil and gas industry, many other industrial operations are made possible. They led to the making of more powerhouses with the help of thousands of workers who are working day and night to generate hundreds of billion dollars at a global level.

The energy sector of the oil and gas industry includes the three main components or areas, these are:

  • Upstream – Upstream is referred to as exploration as this involves the research of underground and underwater crude oil fields of crude oil fields. The upstream work line of the oil and gas industry also includes the drilling of different exploration wells and drilling into traditional wells for the recovery of oil and gas. It also includes the working of shale shakers to some extent for the separation of large solids from the drilling fluid. Thus, as the shale shakers are used on regular basis, it also becomes necessary to service the shale shaker screen.
  • Midstream – Midstream entails the storage, transportation, and processing of oil and gas. Once the resources of production are recovered, it has to be transported to a refinery. After the transportation, it is often in a complete geographic change as according to the region. The transportation includes anything that is from tanker ships to trucking fleets and pipelines.
  • Downstream – Downstream refers to the filtering process of raw materials that are obtained from the working of the upstream phase. This generally includes the purification of natural gas and refining of crude oil. The commercial distribution and marketing of these products to various consumers includes diesel oil, natural gas, lubricants, kerosene, and gasoline. It also includes the other different types of petrochemicals.

However, every oil field operation is done by the pieces of types of equipment. Equipment and different components are designed to get the best outcome of it. As there are many upstream, downstream, and midstream components that are used, but one of the most important is shale shaker. Shale shakers are used as components of drilling equipment in various industries along with the oil and gas industry.

They are used to remove large solids from the drilling fluid which is obtained from an integral part of the drilling process. The fluids are a mixture of different chemicals in an oil-based or water solution. As the manufacturing of mixtures is very expensive, and also to make the process more environmental-friendly, shale shakers are used to minimize the losses of drilling fluid.


With the help of different components, the oil and gas industry is contributing in a very huge manner. All the components that are used for various processes are designed technically to obtain higher efficiencies with more accuracy. When it comes to the use of shale shaker, screen service also becomes very important, as it can affect the efficiency of the whole drilling and extraction process.

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